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  Bosko's blog
BOSKO 2006-10-21 17:57:46

1#Bosko's blog

  You won't find me here much anymore...
BOSKO 2014-06-14 12:06:00
But you will on our "Facebook Page"!
  OFF THE RAILS TOUR - with U.K.E (France)
BOSKO 2012-03-05 15:50:29
We're touring again by train!
This time with Lionel "the K" Hubert and Antoine "Josh" Ladoue of the fabulously progressive uke/percussion duo, U.K.E...

We're both playing at MUF and set off for a little adventure giving workshops and performances all the way to Brisbane!

Here's a facebook event with all the details!

Here's a Map of the tour

View OFF THE RAILS TOUR March 2012 in a larger map

Here's the tour flyer...

And a flyer for the fabulous events to be held in Lismore and Bangalow NSW...
Bangalow/Lismore NSW Poster
  BUILD YOUR OWN UKE! Cairns 2012
BOSKO 2012-03-01 16:25:02
Build your own Uke in the lead-up to this year's Cairns Ukulele Festival!

Booked-out 2 years running, this is a fantastic opportunity, and a whole lot of active fun. You'll end up with an amazing instrument that you made with your very own hands.

Expertly run with humour and aplomb by Allen McFarlen of Barron River Guitars and Micheal Connor of Localele Ukuleles.

Visit Barron River Gutars Website for all the booking details!
Uke Build Class 2011

Here's a video of Allen and Micheal preparing the ukulele kits the build will be using:

  Ukulele Retreat with Kimo Hussey, Albany WA
BOSKO 2012-03-01 16:17:21
Our friends out West are organising an exciting 3-Day Retreat with Kimo Hussey (Hawaii) and Scott Wise in beautiful Albany, Western Australia.

Visit Ukulele Perth Dot Com for booking and details!

Ukulele Retreat Flyer
BOSKO 2011-09-03 10:18:31


September - October 2011


We're performing our way by train from Cairns to Melbourne!
Along the way we'll also be giving workshops and promoting our brand new CD "Pretty Please"!

Here's a sample of a recent show from the tour... in Canberra for the Canberra Ukulele Festival of Fun!

We would especially like to acknowledge and thank the following ukulele clubs for their generous support and assistance that has made this tour possible:

Brisbane Ukulele Musicians' Society (BUMS)
Blue Mountains Ukulele Group (BlueMUGS)

There's more to come, but here are the Confirmed dates so far:


Monday 12th
Performance and Workshop
6pm Workshop
7pm Performance
Currimundi Hotel - 32 Buderim Street, Caloundra QLD
SCUM on Facebook

Friday 16th/Sunday 18th
BRISBANE - BUMS BIG UKE JAM - Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society (BUMS)
Friday 16th September - Performance
Sunday 18th September - Workshop

Wednesday 21st
Performance and Workshop
Five Islands Recreation Club
Speers Point NSW - 6pm

Thursday 22nd
West Taree Bowling Club
Taree 6 30pm
Taree Ukulele Big Band Group

Wednesday 28th
LAWSON NSW - Blue Mountains Ukulele Group (BlueMUGs)
Workshop and Performance
Mid Mountains Community Centre, 7 New Street Lawson.
The Blue Mountains Hotel, 286 Great Western Highway, Lawson NSW


Saturday 1st
Workshop and Performance
Details HERE

Sunday 2nd

Wednesday 3rd
SYDNEY - St George & Sutherland Community of Ukulele Musicians (SSCUM)

Wednesday 5th
SYDNEY - Petersham Ukulele Group (PUG)
Performance and get-together
The Newington Inn Petersham
292 Stanmore Road
From 7pm
Facebook Event

Friday 7th
The Gaelic Club
64 Devonshire Street, 1st Floor
Surrey Hills, Sydney
An intimate evening of romance, diversity and delight with two of the world's most talented and charming ukulele couples...
AJ LEONARD & JENNY ROWLANDS (ukuleles, voice and 'cello)
Bosko & Honey's Ukulele Love-In, Live
Bring a date...
Facebook Event

Wednesday 12th
House Concert and Workshop

Friday 14th
Performance and Workshop
The Vine Hotel, Wangaratta
6pm - 6.50pm Workshop
7.30pm - 8.30 Show
27 Detour Rd
Wangaratta North

Sunday 16th
Upstairs, 177 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
An intimate evening of romance, diversity and delight with two of the world's most talented and charming ukulele couples...
AJ LEONARD & JENNY ROWLANDS (ukuleles, voice and 'cello)
Bosko & Honey's Ukulele Love-In, Live
Bring a date...

Wednesday 19th
MELBOURNE - Workshop and forum with B&H
1 hour workshop on the CAGFD System followed by a general forum and Q&A with Bosko & Honey covering a broad range of ukulele techniques and approaches.
Cornish Arms Hotel
163 Sydney Rd
Brunswick, 3056
6pm onwards
Please contact us for more information.
$20 per head.
Hosted by MUK and Uke4Kids.

Here's the TOUR MAP!

View BOSKO & HONEY'S PRETTY PLEASE TOUR 2011 in a larger map

Here's a blurb about the Workshop:
CAGFD Workshop

Here's the poster:
Bosko & Honey Pretty Please Tour Gig Poster

Email us if you want us to perform near you!
BOSKO 2011-08-27 17:34:48

We've been busy trying to organise an East-Coast Australian tour for September/October and recording a new CD...
It's called "Pretty Please" and consists of 8 original songs including 2 instrumentals.
This is the first time we've recorded any of these songs.

It should be available within the next 2 weeks but we're thing of offering it for pre-sale...

The tracklist is:

1. Odyssey 6:02
2. Honeymoon 3:19
3. Rain in the Summertime 3:06
4. Pretty Please 4:15
5. Boskonova 4:03
6. Ukulele Love-In 2:59
7. Sunbird 4:46
8. Tuck Me In 2:54

PRE-ORDER available HERE

It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Pegasus Studios by Nigel Pegrum in a record 18 hours!
We are VERY happy with the result and the experience was one of the highlights of our lives.

Here's a preview of the songs...
"Pretty Please" Demo

And what the disc will look like...
CD Pretty Please Disc Preview
  New Online Store... Under Construction!
BOSKO 2011-05-09 19:30:24
I'm down the Great Ocean Road in Victoria at the moment, at a holiday house with my brother working on an online shop that will be open very soon.
Hopefully within a week or two we'll be offering some great products direct from Japan.
Kiwaya products ;-)

I've never done anything like build a shop before, which is why I'm here... not only does my brother build websites and databases all the time, he also hosts us on his server!
It's looking good so far, and I thought I'd share a screenshot preview of the front page and logo of the Ukulele Safari Store with you!

More soon...

Safari Store Screenshot Preview!

Safari Store Logo
  Kuranda - Looney Poets
BOSKO 2011-04-05 13:33:20
Recently we've been particularly enjoying life in Kuranda.

One of the things that seems to be happening (maybe as a direct consequence of a tourism industry in trouble) is that with less money around there's a bit of a cultural renaissance occurring... or so it seems to me.

One particular manifestation of this is the resurrection of "Looney Poets", a poetry and performance tradition in Kuranda over many years.

Looney Poets' latest incarnation was last Sunday's "Dark of the Moon", which was a departure from the usual family-friendly event.
It was held at the fabulous Kuranda Amphitheatre Understage, with an "adult" theme, and what a great night is was...

Poetry, circus, art, Pole and Silk Dancing, music, comedy, food, drinks and a good old laugh with good old friends (and new ones too) pretty much sums up the evening...

Looking forward to the next one already!

Rehearsing with Gawain (aka LEMON) at our place before Looney Poets
B&H & DJ Lemon rehearse for Looney Poets

Silk Dancing
Part of the Looney's

Rocking out with DJ LEMON
B&H & DJ Lemon @ Looney's

B&H do their thing... with a little anarchy in the house
B&H at Looney Poets 2/4/11

The best photo is here, but there is a female reproductive organ visible... You have been WARNED!
Click here for B&H, LEMON plus ADULT CONTENT

  Hot Tips!
BOSKO 2011-03-27 18:05:33
A great video from Nancy of MUK... short uke tips from Paul Moore, Ukulelezaza, Jim D'Ville, B&H and Jontom :)

More Ukulele Tips from B&H HERE

  MUF Showcase Tour...
BOSKO 2011-03-06 15:03:44
Oops, I forgot to finish blogging about the Showcase tour...

For now...
Previous blog entries HERE and HERE
You can see all the pics we took HERE

Here's a video of us all jamming and rocking out for the encore on Uni's "I'm on my way" for the final Showcase gig at the fabulous Theatre Royal in Castlemaine, Victoria

  The Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2011...
BOSKO 2011-03-06 13:54:59
Detailed blog entry and pics coming soon...

In the meantime you can browse our photos HERE
As well as official MUF Photographer Nick Pitsas' Flickr account HERE
An video and other links on the MUF Facebook Page HERE

Also here is a Playlist of some video of B&H on the Tour and during the Festival:

Lauren LaRouge MC'ing at the Northcote Social Club... Photo Nick Pitsas

B&H giving a C-A-G-F-D workshop... Photo: Nick Pitsas

B&H at the Arts Centre... Photo: Nick Pitsas

B&H with the lovely Lauren LaRouge... click to see Lauren's tattoo ;-)
Lauren LaRouge and HoneyNow that's what we call a FESTIVAL! Lauren LaRouge and Bosko

Closing Night... Back row, l-r Jontom, Ukulelezaza, Dina Diva, Paul Moore, Bernard de la C
group-shot madness

  Honey's Fixed uke!
BOSKO 2011-03-06 13:48:14
The first day of the Melbourne Ukulele Festival was an especially exciting one for Honey because AJ Leonard brought Honey's repaired uke back from the doctor!
The doctor in question is actually violin maker David S. Brown, based at Montsalvat in Eltham, Victoria.
In sympathy and as a friend of AJ Leonard he agreed to put Honey's uke back together free of charge... what an amazing guy!
So... as we arrived at the magnificent Thornbury Theatre for the opening night of the MUF, we met AJ and Jenny out the front and they presented us with Honey's fixed uke!
Thank you AJ, Jenny and David Brown!!!
AJ with Honey's fixed uke!Honey's uke is fixed!

The maker of Honey's Signature Model custom uke, Mike DaSilva of Berkley, California also contacted us and will do some more repairs once we find the opportunity to send it to him... Thanks Mike!!!

*UPDATE* Honey's uke is moving a bit in terms of the repair, so we'll be sending it back to Mike DaSilva shortly... Need to borrow a Tenor again!!!! :P

  Honey's ukulele tragedy
BOSKO 2011-02-25 18:23:34
The night we arrived in Melbourne Jontom, Honey, Soyla, Mumbo and I were really having a great time when Honey went to grab her uke to have a play...

When she opened the case this is what was inside... her "Honey Signature Model" DaSilva Ukulele...
Honey's damaged DaSilva

If you dare, have a look at the other photos HERE

We had been putting it in checked luggage on the MUF Tour flights... inside a hard case with lots of padding around it, but it must have suffered a huge knock to turn it into a banana...

Understandably Honey's shock was huge... and it was the first time I have seen her cry... except for while watching a sad movie.

The first thing I did was put out word on facebook, and that we needed to borrow a tenor that could be strung "low G" because we had a gig in Castlemaine the following night.

Within minutes Ben, who we met in Melbourne last year and interviewed for the Safari Oz, offered for Honey to borrow his beautiful Scott Wise Tenor...
Ban Abraham at work... handing over his Scott Wise tenor to Honey

Simultaneously AJ Leonard (who we are sharing the bill for Sunday night with) suggested he come around and pick up Honey's uke to take it to his Luthier to see what could be done...
AJ to the rescue

Consequently, the next morning (after Honey was able to sleep with the help of a few stiff bourbons) we headed to the Childrens' Hospital where Ben works as part of the Starlight Foundation and picked up the replacement uke... THANK YOU BEN!
After more tears AJ came around, having driven in fromhis home in the outskirts of Melbourne and picked up the uke...
He then drove to Monsalvat in Elthem to his luthier, a violin maker who had fixed damage on his own ukes befroe... AJ... you are a LEGEND!

Today we heard news that the uke is back in one piece... tonight we'll see it... more soon...

  MUF Showcase Tour cont...
BOSKO 2011-02-25 14:44:46
Well we had a WONDERFUL time in Canberra... the Merry Muse gig was unreal... great audience and we were more relaxed performing than we've ever been... really fun! Guy the sound guy was great and all to all the URoC crew who worked so hard to help make the event work: Thank You!
Special thanks to our friend Jason Lee who took the hungry half of the crew back to his pad for food, beers and jamming... Bosko cooked an improvised Paella and Jontom ate a vegetarian kiddie meal of french fries...
What a night!

Dina Diva opens the Canberra Show
Merry Muse gig in Canberra

Uni wows the crowd
Merry Muse gig in Canberra

Jamming at Jay's
at Jay's pad in Canberra

The next day it was off to Brisbane by plane.... as soon as we arrived B&H went to the public broadcaster 4ZZZ to be interviewed by Rick on his World Beat show... then it was straight to the Brisbane Arts Theatre (what a great venue - with a green room, dressing room and a very cool and professional crew) for sound check, a shower and on with the show!
It was great to see some of our old BUMS friends and others there too :)

Canberra YHA
YHA Canberra

JT pre-coffee
Jontom pre-coffee

At the airport
Canberra airport baggage

Plane to Brisbane
Flying to Brisbane...

Outside 4ZZZ
outside 4ZZZ Brisbane

Rick from 4ZZZ
with Rick from 4ZZZ

Brisbane Arts Theatre show
B&H in Brisbane

Grand finale
Uni's Ukulele All-Stars!

Terry, Bosko, JT
Rock'n'rollers... Terry, Bosko, Jontom

Then it was back to Melbourne where the Showcase crew split up and went to their various host's houses…
Jontom (our newly adopted son) came with B&H to stay at Bosko's mum's place: "Mumbo's, the preferred accommodations for the discerning ukulele player on tour"

More soon....

  On the Road with the MUF Showcase Tour!
BOSKO 2011-02-19 10:36:02
We're on the road again as The Melbourne Ukulele Festival Showcase Tour gets under way...
We all had a great show at The Vanguard in Sydney and tonight we're in Canberra playing at The Merry Muse...

It's been so much fun hanging out with such great people, and wow, Dino Divo really knows how to look after us... He is a real Legend I tell you!

Here's some quick Pics to give you a taste of the fun being had!

More PHOTOS Here

Outside The Vanguard in Newtown, Sydney
The Vanguard, Newtown , Sydney

Bad Bosko and Dodgy Dino
Bad Bosko & Dodgy Dino

Dina Diva, Lauren LaRouge...
Dina Diva, Lauren LaRouge... wow!

Train to Canberra... Dino Divo, Paul Moore, Shelley O'Brien and Ukulelezaza
Dino, Paul, Shelley O'Brien, Ukulelezaza

  Off to SYDNEY!!
BOSKO 2011-02-14 10:38:14
We're packing and preparing to fly to Sydney this afternoon!

It's been pretty crazy here after our near miss and lucky escape from the ravages of Cyclone Yasi!

The worst we had to deal with was no power or mobile coverage for a few days... we really feel for all the people on the Cassowary Coast who lost so much.

We've been rehearsing last minute like mad, and wrote 2 songs (with WORDS, people!) that we're really excited about... should be ok with 2 more rehearsals in Sydney before our show with Ukulelezaza, Uni and Her Ukelele, Jontom, Paul Moore and Dino Divo at The Vanguard in Sydney!

It's the beginning of a series of shows called the MUF Showcase Tour with dates also in Canberra, Brisbane and Castlemaine... all culminating in the 2nd Melbourne Ukulele Festival which begins on the 25th of this month.... Fun, fun, fun!

Please visit the MUF Website for ALL THE TOUR DETAILS

It's nice that we aren't on Safari for a change and don't have to document or organise ANYTHING! We can just go along for the ride and enjoy :) :)

See you down the road!
  MUF Showcase Tour!
BOSKO 2011-01-30 17:40:56

From Feb 17th - 23rd we'll be on tour with the "The cream off the top of the MUF 2011"...

It's called the MUF Showcase Tour, organised by Dino Divo of the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective as a lead-up to the Melbourne Ukulele Festival.

We're lucky enough to be joining Uni and Her Ukelele (USA), Ukulelezaza (Belgium), Shelley O’Brien (Canada), Jontom (Italy), Paul Moore (Israel), and Dino Divo (Melbourne) for dates in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Castlemaine...

Check out the MUF Showcase Tour details on the MUF website!

Now... back to rehearsing! :P
MUF Showcase Tour!
  Jim D'Ville in Kuranda
BOSKO 2011-01-12 23:38:31

More Photos HERE

It's been a couple of days since our old Safari Oz mateJim D'Ville has departed with his lovely wife Linda after a 9-day jaunt at Bosko & Honey's Pad...

No tears were shed at the airport 'cos we're gonna be seeing them both again in Melbourne in late February for the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, otherwise known as MUF2.

Jim & Linda were almost literally thrown in the deep end on their first visit to the tropics, but they kept their humour refreshingly dry.
Lots of good food and wine in a house scrubbed clean by Bosko & Honey was the order of most days, as well as sightseeing... They took in Mossman Gorge, Port Douglas, Barron Falls, Wrights Lookout and more... but it was the many hours of joking, jamming and shared insight that really made the week!

Barron Falls

Mossman Gorge
Australia 9 015

Cafe Kuranda

Then it was time for the Ukulele Workshop and House Concert, and Honey and Linda spent many hours cooking while Bosko cleaned (and Jim swabbed the dunny)... and wow, what a turnout!
About 30 people showed up - a full house... maybe half from Cairns way and the other half from around Kuranda or the tablelands...
There was even a gentleman from Melbourne who had read about Jim's tour online and saw that he could attend the Kuranda workshop during his holidays here!

The Venue

Full House

Fifth Finder!

Thanks to all the lovely people who came it was a fabulous evening, and Jim's workshop rocked (as usual)...

BOSKO 2011-01-12 23:03:14
Since we moved house in early November last year our lives have changed in wonderful ways...
One thing we're getting used to again is that Nature doesn't necessarily stay outside anymore...

Green Ants with Wasp

Green Ants with Larvae

Python with Honey ;-)



  Honey's Haircut
BOSKO 2011-01-12 19:48:11
Well, Honey has been wanting to lop her hair off for over a year now, and finally she's gone ahead and done it!



We're selling the plaits on eBay ;-)
  JIM D'VILLE in OZ Workshop Tour
BOSKO 2010-11-29 17:25:26
Our good friend Jim D'Ville is in Australia again for a Play Ukulele By Ear Workshop Tour...

He recently visited us (with his wife Linda) and conducted a Workshop at our place at which 30 people showed up!
Read about his visit HERE



Here's some info on Jim and his workshop:

Jim D’Ville is an internationally recognised ukulele instructor specialising in teaching by ear.
Jim has developed a number of techniques that teach people how to play music rather than simply memorise songs.
He is the author of the Play Ukulele By Ear DVD series and hosts the popular ukulele blog,
He lives on the central Oregon coast.

Play Ukulele By Ear (All Levels Welcome).
Get the most out of your ukulele experience by learning to Play Ukulele By Ear.
This entertaining and informative workshop will give you the tools you need to tap into your innate musical abilities which includes hearing chord changes.
Playing by ear is easy, it's fun and it will propel your understanding of how music works to a new level.
This workshop will make you a better listener and student!
All skill levels welcome, however, knowledge of basic chord shapes (C F G G7) is helpful.

Comments from Jim D’Ville’s “How to Play Ukulele by Ear Workshop:

“A fabulous, logical and freeing way to approach music.”

“Now I will use my ears! Duh-why didn’t I think of that?”

“Great workshop! I didn’t think it was possible to teach by ear.”

“Your workshop has inspired me to move to the next level.”

“Lots of ‘Ah-ha’ moments!”

D'Ville Promo Shot

BOSKO 2010-11-24 11:42:35
There are even more choices for uke jamming in Cairns these days... every week in fact!

The first Tuesday of every month Gaby from Music City Cairns and the Cairns Ukulele Festival runs a club meet at the Cape York Hotel, corner of Spence and Bunda Streets, Cairns. at 7.30pm.

Every other Tuesday in the month Terry Priest organises a meet at the Cairns Cruising Yacht Club in Portsmith (Please let us know if you'd like to be added to Terry's email list)...

BOSKO 2010-11-24 11:19:18
The Cairns Ukulele Festival is on again the first weekend of July, Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd!

The main focus of this year's fest is a bevvy of terrific international acts, most of whom will perform at the Tanks Arts Centre on Sunday the 3rd of July, along with Australia's own AJ Leonard and his Tropical Lounge.

We'll be playing and hosting the opening night at the Courthouse Hotel, which is FREE and will feature most of the Festival's Australian acts.

Visit the Official Website for more information!

BOSKO 2010-11-22 20:59:39
*UPDATE* The Melbourne Ukulele Festival was AWESOME!!!!!!!
Read about it on Bosko's Blog

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra @MUF (Photo: Nick Pitsas)

A great video compilation of performances over 5 days (from Michelle)...

February 25th - March 1st 2011

From the MUF WEBSITE...


A J Leonard’s Tropical Lounge
Bernard de la Coeur
Betty's Driving Force
Bosko and Honey
BUG: Bellingen Ukulele Group
BUMS: Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society
Cameron Murray
Dino Divo
Flora and Theo
George O'Hara
Hissy Loco
HUG: Hobart Ukulele Group & CHUM: Channel & Huon Ukulele Mob
Jim D’Ville (USA)
John Ferguson
Jontom (Italy)
Katie Hull-Brown
Lucy Wise
Lauren LaRouge
Mike Jackson
Mick and Tasman Fleming
Mysterious Mose
Paul Moore (Israel)
Renee Searles
Rob & Tay
Rose Turtle Ertler
School on the Hill
SEGUE’s History of Ukulele
Shelley O'Brien (Canada)
Slightly Eclectic Guildford Ukulele Ensemble (S.E.G.U.E.)
Terry Chapman – Ukulele Ike Tribute
The Desperados
The Melbourne Ukulele Kollective
The Sophisticated Hulas
The Ukastle Ukestra
The Ukeles
The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
Ukulelezaza (Belgium)
Uni and Her Ukelele (USA)
URoC: Ukulele Republic of Canberra


Mike Jackson: Uke’n Play Ukulele – for Kids and their Teachers
A.J. Leonard: The Art of Uke (Intermediate Level)
Jim D’Ville (USA): Play Ukulele By Ear
Paul Moore: How to be a Ukulele Playing One Man Band.. or if you like a One Woman Band or Band of One Person.
Jontom: Ukein' the Blues
Bosko: The C-A-G-F-D System for Ukulele (Intermediate)
Ukulelezaza: Strum Fun
  Safari Oz Episode 4!
BOSKO 2010-05-28 18:04:52
Sorry for the delay - I've been a bit slack recently... hopefully there'll be a rush of new Safari Oz videos soon...

In episode 4 we interview Trevor Dand who hosted us in the Sunshine Coast and go to the Kawana Waters Surf Club to perform and sing along with the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters Band...

See Gensblue in his first Australian "crying appearance" (plenty more to come), and a great plectrum-banjo-style uke solo from the fabulous John Withers...

Make sure you visit SCUM next time you're in the Sunshine Coast!

Many thanks to Lynne and Trevor for their hospitality, and to all the wonderful folk we met in the Sunshine Coast!

  Lovely pressies from Adelaide!
BOSKO 2010-05-05 16:27:41
We were delighted and touched by a generous gift that arrived in the mail recently... a box containing 8 bottles of delicious South Australian wine, olive oil and vinegar - a gift from the lovely folk at the Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society !

Thank you SO much, whoever is responsible! We are enjoying them immensely (hic)!
All the MORE reason to return to Adelaide some time...
  The editing process begins...
BOSKO 2010-04-12 18:07:31
I've just been sorting tapes, and we've got over 160 hours of video from Safari Oz!
I'm hoping to get the first video up within a week...

BOSKO 2010-02-08 09:21:27
I'll be posting the Safari Oz Pictorial diary HERE
  SAFARI OZ Kick-off in Japan (Cont.)
BOSKO 2010-01-16 19:25:57
Gensblue has posted some photos on his Blog, showing what was happening on the other end of the live Skype Safari Oz Launch... at Bar Hikoroku in Koenji, Tokyo... (just scroll down a little).
SAFARI OZ Kick-off in Japan (Cont.)
  ARCHIVE 2010 > see more 4 posts
BOSKO 2009-09-14 16:54:07
  Ukulele Video Contest see more 2 posts
BOSKO 2009-09-03 10:32:19

This Contest is now over.
We received 60 entries from 15 countries... 54 original songs, many of which were written just for the contest!
The winner flys to Melbourne to attend the Melbourne Ukulele Festival and also joins us on Safari to Tasmania!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wait is over and...


Yannick Van Loo aka Mr. Jaynickel of Gent in Belgium
Yannick Van Loo aka Mr. Jaynickel

Thanks to EVERY SINGLE ENTRANT and FINALIST!! You're ALL the best!!

SPECIAL THANKS to Bosko and Honey's MUMS... who bore the heavy task on choosing a winner (from the 4 finalists,) and they did it with dignity, diligence... AND a sense of fun!
We can't thank you enough!!!



DaSILVA & KIWAYA, Video Contest and Safari Oz Sponsors
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