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BOSKO 2007-03-19 02:42:04

  BOSKO & HONEY and UKULÉ FLAMBÉ are recording an album... see more 3 posts
BOSKO 2006-12-02 13:40:06
here are some pictures of the recording sessions we've begun at our friend MIGUEL's place...

lovely acoustics in this room... lots of wood and brick

we'll be posting some samples soon!
BOSKO & HONEY and UKULÉ FLAMBÉ are recording an album...
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Alli Bee 2006-11-12 05:11:15- Ukulele Cosmos - UK
A big hello to Honey & Bosko and Ukule Flambe - what a great name. I am only sorry that you are so far away geographically. Never mind, YouTube is a wonder and I can get my fix there.

Here's to the funny cyber world of ukuleles!

Uke Heaven
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  Pretty Far from Living Mystery - Landmark Café (November 7, 2006) see more 1 posts
dimbi 2006-11-08 04:03:45- Up, Up, and Away
On the net. Carried away by dreams in a virtual universe of tropical temptations. Disturbance grows in the gut. I dream myself further away from the grey, cold, and wet dullness of the half lived. The more the despair, the further I delve into the imaginary world of cyberspace - the more the despair. The stronger the reminder I’m not there. I’m not here.

When the imaginary and physical merge constituting real world, existence is living mystery.

To the sweet voice of music to watch the girl by, bodily sense joins a man lost in cyber dream, making it real.


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gawain 2006-10-26 18:09:57- sound scientist
Wow great site!! matthew is a whizz! Everything opens very fast. And the new BOSE amps look very amazing. no p.a or front of house? sounds like every muso's dream. I'll sent this site to my muso/film/art friends all over da world! Good on youse guys! big love from gawain. jan. ayisha & pearl.
  warm, gentle breeze and sand b/w my toes... see more 1 posts
patrick 2006-10-26 14:37:19
Great tunes - almost forgot I was in melbourne!
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sean dotcom 2006-10-24 18:14:20- music - FNQ
dear UkeleleFlambe'
caught your show at the Kuranda Cafe last Friday, and may i say what a delight it was to have such fun, professional, captivating music to enliven my lunch. thank you, Great Show !
  bosko's new amplification system! see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2006-10-23 20:37:33
this is the BOSE cylindrical radiator loudspeaker with bass unit, known as the L1 personalized amplification system...
bosko is more than excited to be awaiting delivery of 2 of these units...
they are basically a line array, which is old technology, but in a relatively affordable new form for the working professional
the idea is to eliminate the need for a p.a., ie: mixer, front of house speakers and stage monitors...
one for each musician (although they can take up to four inputs each) positioned behind the player, they act as monitor and front of house in one!
having tried one out at the local music store i couldn't believe how little the output volume changed over distance...
so you can be right next to the unit or 20 metres away, and there is only a slight discernable change in volume!
i'm in love...
bosko's new amplification system!
  Great Live Show see more 1 posts
Guest User 2006-10-22 20:59:15
Hi guys. Really enjoyed the show at Kuranda Verandah today. Your new Ukulele sounds great and lifts the band to a whole new level. Just checked out those Risa electrics.... Hope to be seein you guys with one of those soon! Steve & Lisa
  ukulé flambé play the BIG STAGE! see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2006-10-22 09:56:32
UKULÉ FLAMBÉ were proud to be part of the recent kuranda spring festival...
we played to a local and tourist audience in the park on a sunny saturday...
lots of fun for adults and kids alike!

we were also invited to be part of the magnificent KURANDA AMPHITHEATRE's 25th anniversary celebrations on the same weekend...
we had the oppotunity to play alongside a multitude of talent, including the amazing local hiphop boys ZENNITH, reggae and ska extraviganza KOAHLITION, and the fantastic ASH GRUNWALD from torquay, as well as SHANE HOWARD from GOANNA...
the kuranda amphitheatre is described by JOHN BUTLER as the greatest outdoor venue in the country...
the likes of UB40, INXS, THE MAD PROFESSOR and many other international acts have graced the stage of this magnificent venue in the rainforest...
  here's my new ukulele... see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2006-10-22 04:11:20
mmm, my very own cole clark...
beautiful instrument, it's his basic model, the UL1
till now i've been using a german bruko, with savarez guitar strings
for an entry level instrument it plays nicely still, with a rich and strong tone.. however i can no longer put up with intonation problems and lack of sustain...
the UL1 is perfect for these needs, though i sacrifice bottom end and projection for acoustic work
i may be able to adjust this through experimentation with string types...
here's my new ukulele...