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  safari 2008 diary
BOSKO 2007-09-20 08:35:39
a pictorial chronology of B&H's Ukulele Safari...


  to be updated some time soon...
BOSKO 2009-03-19 16:29:43
This section has not been updated for a long time... we thought we'd concentrate on getting the videos up first!
  BELGIUM - The Ukulogical Museum see more 5 posts
BOSKO 2008-09-02 00:38:06
just before we left for the U.K. we spent an evening with Luc Tegenbos and Peter Van Eyck of the mysterious UKULOGICAL MUSEUM...

the Museum has no location, rather it is a moving collection - often presented as a performance - of unusual instruments and histories made and collected by Luc and Peter

We were very lucky to document our visit to Luc's house where he and Peter (who are both artists) presented a part of their collection to us for the Safari

we've finished editing the video:
BELGIUM - The Ukulogical Museum
  BELGIUM - Gent see more 7 posts
BOSKO 2008-09-01 23:44:20
From Paris we caught a train to Brussels, and another straight to Gent, where we were met by REMCO - otherwise known as UKULELEZAZA

Remco is one of the masters of right hand technique, and we felt very lucky to be invited to stay and hang out for a few days...
We recorded a Safari Video, sampled many excellent Belgium beers, saw Remco play ukulele and plectrum banjo in the band LES MECS DU NORD, and generally had a great time...

it so happened that the GENT FESTIVAL was on at the same time, and i've heard that last year 1.5 million people attended, and i wouldn't be surprised - people were everywhere!
Remco often amused himself and others by playing ukulele from his window overlooking a pedestrian street right in the old centre of town...


Here Bosko and Remco navigate the crowds...
  PARIS see more 16 posts
BOSKO 2008-08-12 22:13:22
fom Milano, we jumped on a train to Paris...
we were excited at the prospect of passing the Alps, but fell asleep shortly after boarding....
luckily we woke in time to catch a glimpse before things flattened out again!

In Paris we were met by Bertrand of the KING DAVID UKULELE STATION website and forum, as well as the lovely Alo˙se...

we went straight to Bertrand's local cafe and drank Rose and ate a delicious salad before heading back to Bertrand's apartment where we stayed for more than a few days!

that evening we headed out to Baroc, the venue of the 16th Paris Ukulele Hui, where we met some lovely Parisian players, and where we gave a performance, along with others in a nice and casual open-mic atmoshphere

we were able to catch up on a bit of work in Paris, hanging out at Bertrand's pad - drinking wine, eating, working and sleeping...
it was like heaven! thanks Bertrand!

we also visited Phillipe Krouk - a fantastic player, gentleman and collector of fine instruments...
we recorded a version of La Marseilles, as it was Bastille day!


b&h at the Paris Ukulele Hui:
  MILANO see more 9 posts
BOSKO 2008-08-12 00:09:22
we traveled by rail with James Hill and Anne Davison from Vicenza to Milan, where we were met by the guys from Instituto Balumen, the creative brains behind the UKEit festival and CD...

we interviewed James and Anne on the train, juggled instruments and luggage together and went sightseeing in Milan - how lucky were we!
you can watch the video HERE
  VICENZA - the 1st. ITALIAN UKULELE FESTIVAL see more 4 posts
BOSKO 2008-07-13 23:21:41
what can we say about this hugely enjoyable and unique event?
too much happened in such a short time for us to give you a comprehensive impression of this multi-faceted festival and happening, but we'll try - using snapshots - click "see more"

watch the video HERE
  TO VICENZA (a Nail Emergency and it's solution...) see more 15 posts
BOSKO 2008-07-12 19:26:27
when bosko woke the morning of our arrival in Venice, the first thing he did was to open his laptop to check the time (we had no other time-piece)
he heard a "crack" and looked at his right thumb...
disaster had struck, with a tear right across the top of the nail, and 2 days until the Italian Ukulele Festival... so we decided not to hang around in Venice, but rather to get to Vicenza asap, and find a nail technician before it was too late in the day...

so after a sandwich at the station, we jumped on a train, and were in Vicenza an hour and a half later...

we were met by Marco Ghiotti (of events company MECCANO14), our guide, problem-solver and new best friend...
click "see more" to see what happened next!
TO VICENZA (a Nail Emergency and it's solution...)
  a slow boat to VENICE see more 8 posts
BOSKO 2008-07-12 18:26:33
we left Naxos in the morning, got a high speed ferry to Piraeus, train to Athens and bus across the country to Patras...
we were on a Ferry to Venice by midnight the same day!
we spent 2 nights on board, and were able to catch up on a little work blogging and editing... and even communication because they had WiFi on board!
we couldn't believe it!
we surprised a few friends and family by calling them on Skype and showing them Italy from one side of the ship, walking to the other side and showing them Albania... it was bizarre, and b&h love technology!

arriving in Venice was incredible...
the ferry entered through the town, with canals and breathtaking architectural beauty appearing before us as if in a dream

once off the ferry it was stinking hot - hotter than Athens, and we struggled to get to the train station over many bridges and steps with the safari baggage...
a slow boat to VENICE
  GREECE see more 8 posts
BOSKO 2008-07-12 04:40:52
well the time had come for B&H to take a little break and get some sun...
so we went to Athens to visit Lidija, an old friend of Bosko's, and then to the island of Naxos... an old stomping ground of Bosko's in his pre-ukulele days...

Honey had never visit Greece before, and once we got used to the crippling Athens summer heat, we got on a ferry and headed for the islands...

once on Naxos we stayed at the apartment of our good friend Benji - the fastest beer drinker in the world and newly converted kite surfer...

Benji had visted us several times in Australia, and we both recalled how we were talking of the possibility of meeting in Naxos this year - b&h on a hare-brained idea of an Ukulele Safari, and Benji's hopes of living in Naxos on his time off from his new job on an oil rig...

our meeting was evidence of dreams come true!

Benji and another old mate "J.P." also showed us extreme generosity in supporting the Safari with some hard-earned Euro, and Benji with an unending supply of hospitality...

thanks guys!

also in Naxos, b&h sucessfully converted another old friend to the ukulele...
Ross is a Jazz musician who now lives full-time in Naxos with few opportunities to play with others of similar musical taste, so he was delighted to jam with us - as were we with him!
Ross' main instrument is double bass, but has been pursuing the guitar for many years now
when we turned up with our ukes it didn't take long to convince him to join us for a Safari video, and we rehearsed and recorded "Days of Wine and Roses"


we've promised to send both he and Benji a uke in the near future...

Honey plays Kiwaya on the ferry from Piraeus to Naxos...
  VIENNA see more 11 posts
BOSKO 2008-07-09 20:18:23
b&h arrived in Vienna during the European Cup, and were amazed by the football crowds and enthusiasm... we saw dogs, heads and hedges trimmed and painted like balls!
we were in Vienna to visit Tanja - an old friend of Bosko's - who had kindly organized a gig for us at a very groovy performance space called Verein08

we stayed at Tanja and her boyfriend Pauli's Atelier in beautiful central Wien... Tanja is a painter and Pauli is a fashion designer, and their converted shop-front was comfortable, functional and very bohemian!

we also caught up with Claus, aka Ikaru24 - a YouTube ukulele uploader who we've been in touch with for quite some time...
we recorded a Safari episode with Claus, and were even able to play some Mozart!


Here you see Honey on a late-night rendezvous with Wolfgang...

  HELSINKI see more 20 posts
BOSKO 2008-07-02 06:52:05
B&H flew into Europe not far from the Summer Solstice and found themselves severely jetlagged and sleep deprived in HELSINKI...
the sun went down (though not completely) for at least 1 and a half hours a day!

we were there to visit the folks at the FINNISH UKULELE NETWORK (FUN), to play at their home ground BAR MENDOCINO, with resident ukulele-band LOS BASTARDOS SYMPATICOS

also there was PETE HOWLETT - ukulele maker extraordinaire - and it was B&H's great pleasure to meet him...
Pete was delivering 10 or so ukuleles he had made for various FUN members, on order from a previous visit to Helsinki...
the anticipation of the delivery of these instruments - dubbed the HELSINKI SOPRANO - was intense, and Master of Ceremonies Juha Väänänen gleefully prolonged the handing out of these long-awaited beauties...

Juha's band played a lively set, followed by Pete playing the blues, before we went on and did the Safari-show...
afterwards there was an auction or two and the handing out of the Helsinki Sopranos...

then Bastardos Sympaticos jammed well into the light night...

During the next days, Juha guided us around town, had lunch with us and FUN founder "SEPI" and his wife, along with MARKKU (who is a professional CLOWN DOCTOR who uses the ukulele in his work), and Pete Howlett

We also went to SUOMENLINNA island - a former garrison island, a short ferry ride from Helsinki - where we drank beer and ate ice-cream with Juha and his lovely wife and daughter
we found a nice scenic spot to conduct a safari interview...

the Helsinki ukulele scene is small but healthy, friendly, growing and extremely enthusiastic!
we had great fun on a road trip with "WEELIE" and UKULELE IGOR in a late model Russian LADA
we went to visit a folk festival in the countryside.. in a town called FISKARS....


here's Juha Väänänen of F.U.N. and Los Bastardos Sympaticos outside Bar Mendocino with the event poster...
  JAPAN... a brief visit to the SAFARI BASE-CAMP see more 5 posts
BOSKO 2008-06-17 04:12:40
catching up with
JAPAN... a brief visit to the SAFARI BASE-CAMP
HONEY 2008-06-06 01:16:35
we fly out in a few hours...
what an incredible experience it's been - what a time we've had!
these last 2 and a half months or so have been highlights of our lives... we are very lucky indeed..

so, seeya for now - next post will be from TOKYO!

  SAFARI DIARY - USA - WEST COAST see more 12 posts
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  SAFARI DIARY - USA - East Coast Goodbyes see more 2 posts
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  SAFARI DIARY - JAPAN see more 15 posts
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