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  SAFARI DIARY - USA - New England
BOSKO 2008-05-17 06:00:03

  Glastonbury CT see more 3 posts
BOSKO 2008-04-18 10:13:32
B&H had a wonderful time in Glastonbury last Sunday the 13th of April
we were there to visit Dr. Uke of the Glastonbury Ukulele Club

we played a concert to about 60 people at an amazing retirement village that was rather like a 5 star hotel...

everyone was extremely kind and were received very kindly... thank you to all who came and supported us

Dr. Uke's trio played a few songs before us and everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon a lot

then it was back to Dr. Uke's house with the Glastonbury Ukulele Band for pizza, salad... an AMAZING UKULELE SAFARI CAKE and a special rehearsal and ukulele club meet...
it was great fun, and we met lots of people we'd seen at the NY UkeFest... and it was a great way to get to know them better

Dr. Uke and his wife are fascinating people, and were very kind in hosting us for the night

we recorded an interview with the Doctor, and there's some great footage of the members of the Ukulele Band having a great old time singing and playing their way through a large selection of songs... with b&h joining in of course!

thank you everyone... especially Dr. Uke, Sari and Linda!

here we are with Dr. UKE!

Glastonbury CT
  Springfield MA see more 7 posts
BOSKO 2008-04-16 06:20:30
we've so much to tell you!

b&h left NYC on Tuesday the 8th of April, and said goodbye-for-now to their most generous host, Mr. Richard "gentleman" Kaufman, who allowed his very small apartment to be over-run by the Ukulele Safari for close to 2 weeks... THANK YOU RICHARD!

next stop was SPRINGFIELD MA, which b&h journeyed to by rail, at the invitation of Mr. Rob Thomas whom they met at the NY UkeFest in 2007

little did they know what awaited them in Springfield...

Rob and a bunch of pals have been working together at a place called the Gasoline Alley Foundation, which is the non-profit arm of Meadowbrook Lane Capitol
the Gasoline Alley Foundation promotes and incubates socially responsible and sustainable businesses, while employing and teaching underprivileged and/or inner city youth how to become successful entrepreneurs...

it is based in a ex-industrial and contaminated area of Springfield, which they are regenerating in more ways than one...

there is a beauty salon, a recycled building materials yard, offices and internet businesses and....

a performance space!

dubiously dubbed the "Man Fort", this retreat for Joe Siblia and others in the Gasoline Alley crew is a converted garage which used to be a stolen car chop shop

now it is a private bar hosting traveling musicians

Bosko & Honey performed to a crowd of around 60 people on Wednesday the 9th of April, most of them non-uke players...
we were pleased and moved at the warmth of the reception we received, and thank everyone who was there
it's a magical space with great acoustics and intimacy
we were influenced by a performance we saw of SHIGETO's when we were in Japan and showed some slides from our laptop of the Safari-so-far between groups of songs... it worked very well, and we'll probably do it again...

great big thanks to our host Rob, his wife Sue, daughters Natalie and Lily, dogs and cat... we had a marvelous time!

and Joe, Frank and all at Gasoline Alley... thanks so much, you guys are great!