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  SAFARI DIARY - USA - The Mid West
BOSKO 2008-05-17 06:04:13

  Chicago rooftop party! see more 3 posts
BOSKO 2008-05-08 10:56:59
b&h were lucky to stay with their old friend Rob Thomas from Springfield MA, who was in Chicago for an organic food expo...
we stayed with him downtown in quite the plush apartment!
the roof was set up for indoor/outdoor entertaining, and he threw a lounge party there on the last day of the expo, with lots of organic produce - from beer to mushrooms!

it was a great night, especially as the incredible SEESO was there...
we had spent the day together recording a SHARED SONG (editing soon!) and it was great to hang out

you know, SEESO is the MAN!

he entertained us all night, and his talents are with people and music... bringing both together with love and fun... he's like a human juke-box!

it was such a great night we ended up getting NO SLEEP before flying out to FLORIDA

SEESO was the last to leave, and we recorded a promo for

Seeso entertains the ladies:
Chicago rooftop party!
  JAKE SHIMABUKURO see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2008-04-28 05:18:03
b&h are in Chicago right now, staying in a fancy downtown apartment with our old friend Rob Thomas from Springfield MA, who's here on business

we couldn't let up the chance to hang out with our old buddy (plus these are some VERY nice digs!)

we also came to Chicago to see Jake Shimabukuro play, and we did just that last night, at the Old Town School of Folk Music

we had never met Jake, nor seen him perform, so we were extremely excited to have the chance to do both

Jake's show (the 2nd of the night) was in the truest sense of the word: AWESOME

his playing is so romantic, with lots of contrast and expression - all the things you could ever want from a solo instrumental performance he provides... and more!
virtuosity and humility is one great combination!

we lined up after the show with Rob, George and Seeso for autographs, photos and a chat... an opportunity he provides to everyone... even after 2 back-to-back shows
tha 1st show was at 7.30pm, and he was still there talking and smiling and being a gentleman at 1.30am!

truly incredible!

he very graciously indulged us in a short video-grab for the safari an photos for our collection
  THE UKER OF OZ see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2008-04-28 05:02:29
also at Kavarna was Todd Korup, who we first met at the NY UKEFST
he was hanging out with Lil Rev and showing some of ukuleles he'd made

we all got along very well, and so when we met again in Milwaukee it was like seeing an old friend

Todd brought along a collection of banjo ukes to Jon Prown's cook-out and jam, and Honey especially fell in love with the warm pluckiness of his instruments

bosko tried out 2 of his violins... one was a cigar box fiddle, and the other, a walking-stick fiddle
both had beautiful olde-worlde tones, and so b&h secretly decided to order an instrument each upon our return to Australia (or the next time we had money!)

so anyway, Todd turns up at Kavarna with 2 walking-stick violins for me to try, and i immediately fall in love with one

and so he goes: "it's yours.."

and i go:

Thank you SO much, Todd, for your generosity and friendship... your instrument will be used and treasured for ever!

next time we're gonna BUY a banjo uke for Honey!

Todd's instruments reflect his character... warm, friendly, loveable and nothing harsh about them...
with an always pleasing tone

make sure you visit his website:


Bosko thanks Todd for his unbelievably generous gift!

The Uker Of OZ . com
  KAVARNA see more 3 posts
BOSKO 2008-04-28 04:33:53
b&h played at the Kavarna Vegetarian Coffee House in Green Bay while in Wisconsin, as part of the Third Kavarna Ukulele Night

it was a blast, with some great performers including Neal Paisley and Dale Anderson

Jon Prown also joined us on stage for a song

many thanks to Alex Galt for organizing such a great event, especially considering his family grew by one the night before!
"the show must go on!"
it was very nice to meet you, and thanks also for operating such a great and vibey coffee joint... for the last decade i believe?

Jon Prown with Kavarna's Alex Galt

  JON PROWN see more 6 posts
BOSKO 2008-04-28 04:05:50
b&h just spent 4 days with Jon Prown and his family in Fox Point, Wisconsin

Jon is a gentleman, scholar and wonderful musician, whose ukulele style is heavily inspired by Jake Shimabukuro

he has worked a lot with the famous ukulele TAB arranger and fellow Jake fan DOMINATOR in transcribing Jake's songs as well as those of JAMES HILL, as well as making numerous recorded contributions to various ukulele forums, including UKULELECOSMOS

we were very lucky to able to hang out with Jon, see the amazing sights in Milwaukee and surrounds, jam and record a song with him


one memorable day we had a Wisconsin cook-out of bratwurst, beer and ukuleles on a lovely Spring afternoon in the grounds of his house overlooking Lake Michigan

some fabulous human beings turned up, including Lil Rev, Neal Paisley and Todd Korup

here's Jon doing some Driving:
BOSKO 2008-04-25 02:24:46
as we've already mentioned, we were pleasantly surprised to meet the amazing SEESO at George's ukulele party last Saturday...

he's such a great guy, and we took the opportunity to do an interview with him on the spot!

he also met us again at Chicago's Union Station as we were waiting for the train to Milwaukee, so we got to hang out some more!
we're planning to do a song together when we return to Chicago in a day or two...

bosko & Seeso
BOSKO 2008-04-25 02:16:12
b&h were looking forward to meeting YouTube's favourite bossa banjo songstress - the lovely Mercedezzz
we couldn't believe we were in the same room!
Mercedezz is lovely in person - warm, natural and accommodating... she's also as beautiful as one would imagine and sings and plays like an angel...

Mercedezzz kindly took a couple of hours out of her busy schedule for an interview, and played and sung a song for us... you'll be seeing the results soon!

at home with Mercedezzz:
  GEORGE see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2008-04-25 01:58:24
b&h were in the Chicago last week and stayed with George Klingelhofer of the WINDY CITY ISLANDERS
We'd met George online and then in TOKYO, and again in NYC at the UkeFest there... all in the space of a month or so - it's a small world!

George is the organizer of the MIDWEST UKEFEST to be held again later this year at the TIKI TERRACE

George and his family were fabulous hosts, and we enjoyed a day of recording a song together at their Lake Cabin as well as a UKULELE PARTY held at George's pad in our honour...

and you'd never guess who turned up... SEESO!

here we are at the Cabin celebrating a good take of our shared song!
  THE FABULOUS HEFTONES see more 2 posts
HONEY 2008-04-24 01:39:22
the next day Gerald Ross kindly gave us a ride to Lansing, MI to visit THE FABULOUS HEFTONES
we met Brian Hefferan at ELDERLY INSTRUMENTS, where he works as their web-meister and got to look around that fabulous store!

after lunch and saying our goodbyes to Gerald we went back to the Heftone-sweet-home and spent some lovely time with Brian and Lynn

they are both such lovely people, and were very supportive and kind to us
we recorded a song together and an interview with Brian

thanks for everything guys!

HONEY 2008-04-24 01:31:54
also in Ann Arbor, b&h met Peter "Madcat" Ruth - harmonica , guitar and ukulele performer extraordinaire...
Mr. Yasuda from Kiwaya put us in touch, as Madcat has been to Japan and his uke of choice is their K-Wave Telecaster...
Madcat is unbeleivable, and plays in many styles including Jazz and old blues...
he has been performing since the '70's with many great musicians including Dave Brubeck and sons, yet remains friendly humble and accessible...

we felt very lucky to be able to meet him and hang out

you'll be able to see the interview soon...

HONEY 2008-04-24 01:20:59
b&h were lucky enough to to visit the wonderful Gerald Ross and his family in Ann Arbor, MI on Tuesday the 15th of April
we stayed over night and enjoyed their company and hospitality immensely!

Gerald is so kind laid back, and his approach to music is inspiring... he is extremely accomplished, yet always takes the path of simplicity

we ate, drank, talked and jammed, and the next morning we did an interview with him - with a tour of his studio and instrument collection
you can look forward to a video of Honey and Gerald playing together, as well as ukulele and slide guitar performances from Gerald

thank you Gerald, Margaret and David!