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BOSKO 2008-05-18 03:59:25

  Derek Bosko & Angela Honey...
BOSKO 2008-06-10 12:17:23
we must have spent too much time together!

seriously, Derek and Angela were so kind to us... we're very grateful for everything.... see yo in Hawaii guys!
Derek Bosko & Angela Honey...
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BOSKO 2008-06-10 12:13:54
our friends Warren and Marta organized a performance party for us on a lovely day in Venice...

we first met Warren in Melbourne at Klub MUK (the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective) and it was great afternoon of interesting people, music and great food and wine...

thanks guys, and we hope to see you agian some time...
return to LA...
  SANTA CRUZ see more 10 posts
BOSKO 2008-06-04 13:47:26
just when we thought the ukulele scene couldn't get any more surprising, we hit SANTA CRUZ, to visit the UKULELE CLUB OF SANTA CRUZ

we had been invited by club president Peter Thomas, and his wife Donna... and we were lucky enough to be hosted by these lovely people in their beach-front home...

our friend and chauffeur from Frey's Vineyards, Jeff, drove us down along the magnificent coastal Highway One and stayed with Peter and Donna as well...

Peter and Donna are book artists, and you can see their work HERE

it was California openness all the way in Santa Cruz, and b&h felt lucky to be alive - with people so open, enthusiastic and warm in abundance!

we missed the regular meet of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz (at which we're told 250 people can turn up!), but were treated to a special get together especially for us...

it was held at the wood shop of Gino and his wife Emily
sadly, Gino has recently passed away, and we felt the poignancy of the occasion
we had briefly met Gino and the Club's secretary, Andy, at the 2007 NY UkeFest and Andy introduced us to the Club members and audience as being especially liked by Gino, and that he would have been very happy to have us perform at his shop...

we felt very privileged, and there was a poignancy to the evening's proceedings, matched only by the fun that was had by all

we'd like to thank everyone at the Club - and especially Emily - for having us.... it was a pleasure!

we played in front of a giant uke that was to be the "burning uke" of the Burning Uke Festival put on annually by the UCSC, however this one - made by Tony Graziano, who we interviwed and attended the evening festivities - was never burned...
we think as a combination of fire restrictions and Gino's passing

so there it was, and we were lucky to see it

everyone in Santa Cruz was so supportive and enthusiastic, and we had a really amazing time... we MUST return some day...

we met so many people in such a short time - all of whom we'd love to see again!

  Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, CA see more 15 posts
BOSKO 2008-06-03 06:35:35

B&H met Jon Frey in Chicago, on a rooftop party for an Organic food expo back in April, which turned into a ukulele jam session (Seeso was there, after all!)

at the time he said we should visit when we're in California, and we said "we'd love to"...

Jon recontacted us and made it happen... he picked us up from Berkeley (it's a couple of hours drive!), showed us the Giant Redwoods, fed, housed and watered us, threw a pizza party for us, jammed and sent us on our way with a driver and a case of organic wine (which is delicious, by the way!)

Jon comes from a family of 12, and they have kids, and some of them have kids... and the ranch is basically a family affair... almost everyone is related, or may as well be... everyone seems to play music, and there's a number of uke players amongst them

one was Daniel Frey, and we did an interview with him for the Safari

his band is called.... "The Freys"!

here's Jon driving us to Mendocino from Berkeley
Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, CA
  BERKELEY, CA see more 2 posts
BOSKO 2008-06-03 05:33:41
well, as some of you may know, Honey is now the proud owner of a Signature Model Michael DaSilva thin-bodied tenor ukulele...

here are the pictures, as well as photos of the performance on the 25th of May, featuring AARON and NICOLE KEIM and B&H...
it was SUCH a great night, and we're very grateful to Mike for everything he's done for us, Aaron and Nicole for letting us share the bill, and to all the people who came from far and wide to make it such a great happening...

here's Mike stringing up Honey's uke for the first time:

  Michael DaSilva, Berkeley
BOSKO 2008-05-29 10:14:40
well, here's the big one we were looking forward to... and so much happened in just a couple of days!

we played a gig with the amazing Aaron and Nicole Keim, met the fabulous DOMINATOR as well as fellow YouTube ukester CHARLESTER and... amongst other things... received HONEY"S NEW DaSILVA UKE!!!

we're on dial-up and limited time at the moment, so we'll be posting more photos, info and active links over the next few days...

so you'll have to visit Mike's site for the pics, or hang out till we get to it...
Michael DaSilva, Berkeley
  Ka'ala Carmack see more 2 posts
BOSKO 2008-05-29 10:04:00
the next day we visited Ka'ala Carmack's ukulele class at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center in Japan-Town, San Francisco...

we were taken there by Kendall Lee and his wife Alyce, who were so kind to us and showed us the sights of SF...

we also visited Alyce's sister Evelyn at her music shop SUNSET MUSIC... we knew about Evelyn from Kiwaya, as she is a distributer of their instruments...

we had a great time and had some great Japanese food in Japan Town before Kendall and Alyce took us all the way to Berkeley to Mike DaSilva's shop (not before stopping for a sake tasting!)

Bosko, Honey, Ka'ala, Alyce and Kendall
Ka'ala Carmack
BOSKO 2008-05-29 09:13:29
well, we jumped on the Greyhound bus the next morning, and 10 hours later we were in the Bay area... and our first stop was to stay the night with DR. SPARKLES

We first saw Dr. Sparkles at the 2007 NY UkeFest, and heard he'd moved to SF from Virginia recently

so we contacted him, and he and his wife invited us to stay

Dr and Mrs Sparkles have recently installed a stage in their dining room, and plan a regular ukulele open mic soon...

we did an interview with the Dr, an he also played a few songs for the camera... in one of which, he was smaller than normal
  The Jumping Flea Circus Players, LA see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2008-05-29 09:10:25
Ali Lexa also invited us to the get-together of a uke group he attends that was originally started by Darren Wong some 5 or so years ago...

they call themselves the Jumping Flea Circus Players, and do group songs with terrific arrangements, and we got some great footage of the open mic section of the night

we performed a few songs, and were warmed by the response we received...
thanks to all!

later we all we all went out for food and drinks, and Darren and Bosko exchanged caricatures!
The Jumping Flea Circus Players, LA
  Ali Lexa at KPFK FM see more 2 posts
BOSKO 2008-05-29 08:33:28
we met Ali Lexa at the NY UkeFest this year, and we were lucky enough to be guests on his radio show Ukulele Spotlight, aired monthly on the popular public radio station KPFK FM in LA

Ali is a fabulous Jazz uke player and producer/web guy/DJ at KPFK

he has has many famous people on the show, and B&H were thrilled to be invited as guests...

the interview will air Thursday, May 29th at 11am

Ali Lexa at KPFK FM
  Derek Yee see more 3 posts
BOSKO 2008-05-29 08:13:52
Derek contacted us while we were still on the east coast, and offered to show us around L.A.

He organized a ukulele party at his home in the Hollywood Hills, and it was as if we were in Hawaii!

Derek is a lively and interesting fellow who belongs to a ukulele group called "Mele
the group's leader and teacher is Randy Dacoscos, who is very enthusiastic about connecting the Hawaiian community in the area with music, language and culture...

the party was great fun, and we performed and jammed, and Derek had cooked up a delicious feast as well...
Derek Yee
BOSKO 2008-05-29 08:02:58
staying with our 'cellist friend Jernej at the foot of the Hollywood hills, in view of the BIG SIGN...

at first we had only one gig arranged, with Aaron and Nicole Keim at Mike DaSilva's in Berkeley... but things soon changed!