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  ARCHIVE 2009 >
BOSKO 2009-02-11 03:03:04

  Merry Christmas!
BOSKO 2009-12-24 23:59:48
A Christmas Love-in from B&H.

We've been so busy that's it's been a little quiet from us recently...
We recorded this today (Christmas eve) outside our friend Henri's jewellery workshop in Kuranda.

Honey and I hope you have a great holiday and a Happy New Year too!

  The best ukulele video in history so far...
BOSKO 2009-12-10 11:39:56
Lorenzo Vignando of Italy...

  Ukulele Brasil Contest!
BOSKO 2009-12-02 10:48:28
Marcelo from Ukulele Brasil is running a Video Contest he says was inspired by ours!
It is open to residents of Brazil only, but it's a great thing to do, and we wish him all the best with promoting the ukulele in the largest country of the Southern Hemishere's other great populated continent!
Here's a Google Translate of the contest announcement - the prize being a handmade ukulele from Vivace Musical Parts.

Ukulele Brasil Contest!
  Yalego's Blog!
BOSKO 2009-11-30 18:00:13
Yan now has a blog primarily in English and French...
CHECK IT OUT... c'est très cool, bien sûr!
9#Yalego's Blog!
  5 years
BOSKO 2009-11-28 18:48:24
We both realised a few days late it was our 5th wedding anniversary!!

Honey made Bosko's favourite food and Bosko bought Honey her favourite bourbon...
5 years
BOSKO 2009-11-28 12:10:47
Yep, now you can buy Safari Oz and B&H goodies, including Mens and Womens T Shirts...

Visit the Safari Shop!

Mens Dark ChocolateWomens NavyMens Military Green Back

  Applications ready to lodge... see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2009-11-24 19:25:09
2x Visa nomination
1x Sponsor application
2x Visa application
2x Agent nomination
2x Musicians Union notification...

... and supporting documents.

In the post tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Applications ready to lodge...
  T-Shirts available soon!!
BOSKO 2009-11-17 20:35:41
The Safari Oz T-shirts are made and on their way via courier!
Hopefully we'll have them available here on our website before the week is out... Woohoo!
T-Shirts available soon!!
  Ukulele Brasil!
BOSKO 2009-11-15 18:51:03
During the Contest we were overjoyed to receive an entry from Brazil, and it's great to see there is the beginnings of a uke scene there.

UKULELE BRASIL is a uke blog run by Marcelo who posts regularly about all things uke in Portuguse.

It's also nice to see we're featured on the blog! Ahhh, Brasil! Maybe one day, Marcelo! :) :)

Ukulele Brasil!
BOSKO 2009-11-13 23:43:54
Well we have an announcement about the prizes for the finalists of our JOIN THE SAFARI VIDEO CONTEST...

KEONEPAX, MAX and AMELIA ROBINSON will each receive a UKULELE made by either MIKE DaSILVA or KIWAYA!

The catch is we can't say what the ukes are yet, and the finalists will have to wait 6 months to get their hands on them...

WHY???? I think we heard someone say?

Because we're gonna take them on Safari first, and take photographs of each uke in scenic locations all over Australia!

Of course the ukes will then be second-hand, but at least they'll be well travelled and with holiday snaps to prove it!!!

The finalists may not be able to "Join the Safari" but at least their prize uke will!!!


Contest Sponsors
  Soup see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2009-11-13 19:50:42
Honey was making some gyoza and ran out of pastry, so she made some soup with the left-over filling... MMMM!
  Old-school see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2009-11-11 18:29:26
The internet was out today - I think it was a regional thing - so I had to get creative...
BOSKO 2009-11-08 12:23:41
Feel free to add us to your contacts!
Our Skype username is: boskoandhoney
  Ganbaranba see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2009-11-08 11:37:55
The best (and cheapest!) noodle shop in Cairns...
12-20 Spence St., Cairns, Australia
Phone: 07-4031-2522
  A refreshing beverage...
BOSKO 2009-11-08 11:26:57
Thirsty work, this Safari planning :)
A refreshing beverage...
  Winner's flight booked!
BOSKO 2009-11-05 20:31:07
We just booked Yannick's flights to Melbourne and back - I hope we got the dates right!!
BOSKO 2009-11-05 19:00:21
I've managed to edit another 2008 video!
This is the first in a series... a Road-Trip with MAX to beautiful Nagano. Here we visit master luthier Mr. Takahashi of T's Guitars...

  On the telly...
BOSKO 2009-11-05 16:47:23
"Join the Safari"Contest winner Yannick van Loo on Belgian TV News and on the Radio!
  In the News
BOSKO 2009-11-04 19:57:25
A Belgiun newspaper writes about Contest winner, Yannick Van Loo!

... and consequently, us!

  Good Company?
BOSKO 2009-11-01 19:19:30
Well we discovered we needed to become a Company for Ukulele Safari Australia 2010 to come together properly (it's getting much bigger than we initially thought, and we've been working at it non-stop!), and so I registered Ukulele Safari Pty Ltd online the other night...
It was pretty nerve-wracking, and luckily Honey made some yummy Chinese-style boiled dumplings as a reward!
Bosko workinBosko payin
Bosko lookinBosko finish
Hungry HoneyAsian cowboy
  Ukulele & Languages
BOSKO 2009-11-01 11:03:47
Here's a site that deserves more attention.
Armelle Europe collects videos from around the world in different languages, as well as posting interviews and some wonderful links - I've discovered many a player through her site!
Ukulele & Languages
Ukulele and Languages
  Cappa e Drago...
BOSKO 2009-10-28 19:03:56
BOSKO 2009-10-23 15:27:10
It's time to VOTE for your favourite Contest entries!
I'm so excited... and grateful/relieved my wonderful brother/webmaster was able to set up the system while being on holidays!
  UKE AUCTION see more 3 posts
BOSKO 2009-10-21 18:35:12
We have been running a series of SAFARI OZ FUND-RAISING UKULELE AUCTIONS on Ebay thanks to the generous support of Mike DaSilva, Kiwaya and Ohana Ukuleles...

The only remaining uke to auction is a yet-to-be-completed MIKE DaSILVA custom tenor.

More details soon...

Our Ebay
  Gensblue's Blog!
BOSKO 2009-10-13 17:33:39
Gensblue now has a blog. He'll be updating it with Safari News in Japanese. Welcome to the online world, Gens-san!


9#Gensblue's Blog!
  Russian Uke
BOSKO 2009-09-23 20:25:48
I've written to these guys who I found through a Russian ukulele forum which I can't seem to translate.
I'd really like to forge some links with them... might have to ask some translation favours from Russian-speaking friends :)
  School holidays
BOSKO 2009-09-23 02:22:00
They're here... and it's my best earning time for the street caricature trade. Gotta get my work ethic back and earn some $'s for the Safari!
  More Safari merchandise on the way...
BOSKO 2009-09-11 16:01:34
Johnson of aNueNue Ukuleles is donating some beautiful wooden Safari Oz key-chains/mobile phone tags featuring Honey's logo design!
We are extremely grateful (thank you, Johnson!) and we're very glad aNueNue is a Major Supporter of Safari Oz!
More Safari merchandise on the way...
The aNueNue website
  T-shirt with Fishman logo...
BOSKO 2009-09-10 10:35:51
T-shirt with Fishman logo...
BOSKO 2009-09-08 17:56:46
We're very pleased to say the Safari is receiving support from FISHMAN USA, via the musical instrument and gear distribution giant, Musiclink Australia.

More on this exciting development HERE.

  T-shirt with sponsor logos
BOSKO 2009-09-07 22:21:33
Just to prove Honey's been working... here's the proposed Safari t-shirt avec logo
T-shirt with sponsor logos
BOSKO 2009-09-06 01:53:37
Now Sponsoring Ukulele Safari Oz and Yalego on Safari!

Read about it HERE.

Ohana Website
  Safari Oz t-shirt preliminary design
BOSKO 2009-09-05 17:57:25
Honey's been busy designing logos and things for the Safari next year... here's a quick sketch of what she's thinking for a Safari Oz t-shirt we wanna have made asap! Front (left) and back (sponsor logos will be inserted):
Safari Oz t-shirt preliminary design
BOSKO 2009-09-04 17:49:03
Check out the new Kiwaya Japan website... now with English pages!!!!
  Honey's Announcement...
BOSKO 2009-09-04 14:56:00
Honey's Announcement...
BOSKO 2009-09-03 14:15:09
I've just gone and announced the "Join the Safari" Video Contest, and my heart's beating like a drum!
  New website progress...
BOSKO 2009-09-02 14:22:07
Well, we want a nice fresh look for the Safari Oz and the SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED SAFARI OZ COMPETEITION.
It's gonna take a little longer to get up, but we'll have a new front page in the next couple of days at least. Honey's been creating some cute images for it!
  Yalego's got Ramblin' on his Mind...
BOSKO 2009-08-28 11:37:13

  Photos on Facebook
BOSKO 2009-08-26 19:41:27
I've been putting up a bunch of unsorted photos on our Facebook Page...
It's pretty amazing seeing them in one place... how many places we actually went and the people we met!
Its a work in progress.
  Un abbrracio...
BOSKO 2009-08-24 16:34:51
... from Fabio KoRyu Calabrò! We love you, Fabio!

Fabio's YouTube
  It's moving fast now...
BOSKO 2009-08-23 21:52:20
Just booked Yalego's flight for Safari Oz... Wow, it's exciting in a kind of stressful way!
We had to move the date again, because that way we were able to save 400 Euro! We will have to change Gensblue's flights to match, and it'll mean there's 5 days less time between Cairns and Melbourne.
This will put us under extra pressure to get there in time for the festival - and it's the busiest part of the route too!
This is just one of the challenges we face... kinda fun though.
  Bad News/Good News...
BOSKO 2009-08-22 21:29:40
Over the last week or so we've been dealing with a very real "bad news/good news" situation regarding the Safari Oz Special Guests.

We'll give you the bad news first.

It's very unfortunate, but at this stage Seeso is no longer able to be a co-host on the Safari. He has encountered unforeseen problems in his application for a passport, and may not be able to get it in time. We are all extremely disappointed - as his many friends and fans will be - but there is little any of us can do about it.
As the airfare has to be booked asap, a decision was reached that the Safari will have to go ahead without him, and a replacement guest found.

Despite all this we still hold some real hope that Seeso may yet be able to make it to Oz in some way or another...

After a moment of silence (and prayer), this leads us to the good news:
A replacement Safari Oz co-host has been found.
He is from France... and his name is Yan Yalego.
BOSKO 2009-08-13 15:37:04
It was 2 years ago today that we announced the first Ukulele Safari...
A lot's happened since we went with that crazy idea!
  It's really happening!
BOSKO 2009-08-11 18:47:19
The Safari Oz takes a step towards reality with our purchase today of Gensblue's return ticket to Cairns from Tokyo!
I actually made a small mistake and he'll only be here 89 days - not 90... oh well, at least he won't be overstaying his visa if he misses his return flight!
BOSKO 2009-08-10 17:11:40
We're over the moon about the generous support we've received from...

Video Contest and Safari Oz Major Sponsors:

And Safari Oz Sponsors:
OHANA Ukuleles
FISHMAN Transducers, Inc
AQUILA Corde Armoniche

As well as Special Safari Oz Supporter:
aNueNue Ukuleles...

Thank you SO much, everyone!

Read all about it HERE

  Icons for Safari Oz Map...
BOSKO 2009-08-10 15:38:01
Honey's been busy making icons for the Ukulele Safari Australia Map, and they're really cute as you'd imagine...
I really like the idea of the "Bus Icon", which will track our progress in close to real-time.
So you'll always be able to see where the Safari is at, and what's been happening.
There'll be links to our's, Seeso's and Gensblue's blogs and tweets for all the latest news!
Google Maps is a really cool device!

Icons for Safari Oz Map...
BOSKO 2009-08-09 11:24:37
I'm attempting to plan the Safari Oz route... it's particularly difficult to schedule the east-coast visits to clubs - they all have regular meet days, and there's no way we'll be able to be there on the right day for all of them... hopefully they won't mind rescheduling their meet or organising a special meet.
We're also unsure of the start date.
As most players and clubs are east-coast, we may have to begin the safari a week earlier in order to reach the Melbourne Ukulele Festival in time.
I need to make a decision on this as we're going to buy Seeso and Gensblue's fight tickets this week!

  Image mapping...
BOSKO 2009-08-05 18:30:12
We've been having fun making banners and stuff for our YouTube channel.
As a "partner" we're able to upload banners and map them using HTML, so as to create active links to wherever - anywhere on the image.
Knowing no HTML, I found this great free site that generates the code with a really easy interface - it's great! We're gonna donate to his site!
Image mapping...
  Safari-mobile research see more 3 posts
BOSKO 2009-08-05 16:01:18
Honey's been busy investigating how a Toyota Coaster-type bus could seat and sleep 6-7 people...
THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE of what's around, from a vehicle for sale in Darwin. Click "see more" for interior shots and Honey's layout plans and bunk ideas!

Safari-mobile research
BOSKO 2009-08-01 15:46:15
We just received our 1000th. subscription to our YouTube channel!
Thank you to all our subscribers, and in particular to our latest, Blamlam from Hong Kong.

Here are the statistics:

  YouTube nerdy stuff...
BOSKO 2009-07-26 10:19:44
I've been using the YouTube feature that allows you to upload your own thumbnail image for each video.
It wasn't working for a while, and isn't available on our Ukulele Music Video account (perhaps because it's a Japanese account?).
So basically I've uploaded a representative still from the videos whose thumbnail wasn't very stand-outish. It makes a real difference... and doen't it make you just wanna click on 'em? hehe...
This is what our YouTube video page 1 looks like now:
YouTube nerdy stuff...
BOSKO 2009-07-24 10:17:27
Ray Gurney of Sydney has created a CALENDAR of AUSTRALIAN UKE GATHERINGS...
It's a great concept, and enable people to see at a glance what's happening around the country... particularly useful for visiting performers (and anyone on Ukulele Safari!) wanting to map out a tour.

Be sure to contact him to include your uke-related event!
  Gensblue in Hawaii
BOSKO 2009-07-22 20:36:32
Well our friend Gensblue of Japan has just returned from Hawaii performing at the 39th Annual Ukulele Festival in Oahu...
He was invited as a consequence of his winning an award in the 2007 Kiwaya Ukulele Contest.
We found THIS ARTICLE in the Honolulu Advertiser which features a short interview with him!

Just Announced: Gensblue confirmed for Ukulele Safari Oz 2010!

Gensblue was also on J-Wave's Colors of Hawaii radio show, hosted by Sachiko Uchida, as pictured here:
Gensblue in Hawaii
BOSKO 2009-07-20 10:14:44
I'm optimistic the editing of Safari 2008 videos will continue with greater frequency from now on... the latest features TARASUNA.

Tarasuna-san is known on YouTube as girogiro, and we met him for the first time at the Safari Launch Ceremony at Bar Hikorock. He had travelled all the way from Osaka to be there, and we loved him and his playing... and invited him to be part of the Safari once we returned to Japan after the USA and Europe.
So, he joined us as part of a Safari road-trip with Max to visit Sumakichan and T's Guitars in Nagano (video from the trip to follow soon!), and we recorded the Tarasuna hit song "Ukulele Kirai".

Watch the video HERE!
It includes part of Tarasuna-san's performance at Hikorock.

Tarasuna, Bosko and Honey working on the arrangement at Sumakichan's house:
  Happy Hoppy...
BOSKO 2009-07-17 16:25:42
So, I'm nearing the end of the Japanese Safari edits... only 3 more before I start on the ones we skipped over from the USA.
Just finished "namida no wake wo", an original song by Rika-san and Akihisa-san of Happy Hoppy, which we recorded back in late October near the Edo river in Chiba...
Happy Hoppy...
  Vicenza 2009
BOSKO 2009-07-02 15:22:34
A very professional video of this year's uke fest in Vicenza... lots of familiar faces!
Directed by Lorenzo Vignando.

  Radio National
BOSKO 2009-06-29 20:46:18
We're listening to "Into the Music" with Robyn Johnston on Radio National online right now... the program from the 27th of July is called Picking on Something Smaller: A Little History of the Ukulele
Have a listen if you can - it's an hour long!
BOSKO 2009-06-29 17:41:29
We thought twitter might be a good tool for our upcoming Ukulele Safari Australia, so you'll be able to follow us in even more ways...
  YouTube Partner...
BOSKO 2009-06-27 17:14:40
I actually applied for "Partner" status for our YouTube account well over 6 months ago, but didn't follow the process through because the idea of advertising really scared me. They want you to create a Google AdSense account so you can link it to your YouTube account... it's a prerequisite.

Yesterday I realised that you don't have to activate any ads if you don't want to (at least I think you don't!), and can just enjoy the benefit of extra features and editability for your channel.
So I completed the application, and 2 hours later - Voila! We're partners, pardner...

So far I've only changed a couple of things, and am resisting the urge to switch the featured video to "autoplay" (and bump its view count) - something I find really annoying on other people's channels!
[Edit: oooh, I can't help myself! Auto-play it is... for now... I feel really naughty!]
[Edit#2: well that really was too annoying...]
Our YouTube channel
  Editing again!
BOSKO 2009-06-26 00:46:12
Hehe, well I've gotta keep chipping away at those 2008 Safari videos... there are probably 4 or 5 more at least from Japan... then I'll go back to the USA and start filling in the gaps! After that, Europe...

The latest is a beautiful performance of Ravel's "Pavane pour une infante défunte" by our friend Dai-ma at Al Cafe in Tokyo...

Editing again!
  World Record!
BOSKO 2009-06-21 21:13:56
Here's a spectacular "Uke Wave" at the recent London Ukulele Festival, where a new World Record was set for the most people playing a song together on ukuleles...

851 people!

  In the paper...
BOSKO 2009-06-20 15:23:39
Today we opened the weekend edition of the local newspaper, the Cairns Post, and found ourselves on the front page of the Weekender magazine!
Inside is a nice 2-page spread about ukes, including a few paragraphs of Bosko raving on about something or other...
The picture was taken by Nina Coquina in Florida (it's her car too, by the way!).
In the paper...
BOSKO 2009-06-19 18:39:07
The Melbourne Ukulele Festival!!!!!!!!!

February 26th - March 2nd 2010

From the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective Website:

Yes! It's finally here!

The inaugural Melbourne Ukulele Festival will feature ukulele performers from around the country and special international guests. Be part of history!

Produced by the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, the MUF promises to be everything Australian ukers have been waiting for. Ukulele virtuosos and thundering, unruly "uke mobs" will join together in five heady days of ukulele abandon! Members of the many ukulele groups that have sprung up all across the nation will descend on Melbourne for the greatest gathering of the ukulele clans ever seen in this country.

MUF 2010

Friday 26th Feb
Wesley Anne
250 High St
Northcote, 3070
+61 3 9482 1333

Front Bar
• Mysterious Mose

Main Room
8:30pm till 11pm,
$20/$15 conc.
• 08:45-09:45pm Bosko & Honey Oz Uke Safari with Special Guests
Gensblue (Japan) and Yan Yalego (France)
• 09:50-10:10pm Rose Turtle Ertler
• 10:20-11:00pm A.J. Leonard’s Tropical Lounge

Saturday 27th Feb
Federation Square
12 noon
Ukulele Flash Mob

Birrarung Marr
Ukulele Picnic
+Jim D’Ville - Play Ukulele By Ear Jam: 3 Chords Hits Of The USA!

303 High St
Northcote, 3070
+61 3 9482 4577

8:00 till 10:30pm
$20/$15 conc.
• 08:00-08:30pm Tyrone (Brisbane)
• 08:40-09:10pm Betty's Driving Force
• 09:15-09:45pm Uni and Her Ukulele (San Francisco)
& Meredith Axelrod (San Francisco)
• 09:50-10:30pm Old Spice Boys (Byron Bay)

Sunday 28th Feb
Edinburgh Castle Hotel
681 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
+61 3 9386 7580

Kids Workshop and Performances
Outside Stage

Small Dining Room
• 1:00pm-4:30pm
• 1:00-2:00pm Anthony Leonard
• 2:15-3:15pm Jim D’Ville (Portland, Oregon USA)
• 3:30-4:30pm Azo Bell

Uke Makers Displays
S&L Wise

Outside Stage
• 2:00-2:30 Spiderfish Stew (Fremantle)
• 2:40-3:20 Ukeleus (Canberra)
• 3:30-4:00 HUG (Hobart Ukulele Group) + CHUM (Channel & Huon Ukulele Mob)
• 4:10-4:40 Canberra Ukulele Meetup Group
• 4:45-5:25 BUMS (Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society)

Front Bar
• 5:45-6:25 SEGUE (Slightly Eclectic Guildford Ukulele Ensemble)
• 6:30-7:00 Cameron Murray (Sydney)
• 7:10-7:50 The Combs (Castlemaine)
• 8:00-8:40 MUK
• 8:50-9:30 The Ukeles (Sydney duo)
• 9:40-10:10 Azo Bell (Byron)

Monday 1st March
Open Studio
204 High St., Northcote

• Tasman Fleming (Tas)
• Lucy Wise
• Ukulele Desperados (Bellingen)
• Benhur Helwend (East Timor/Byron Bay)

Tuesday 2nd March
MUF Closing Party
Klub MUK @ 303
303 High St., Northcote
+61 3 9482 4577

Open Uke Stage + Special Guests
• Maude Farrugia (Melb)
• Kenneth Smith (Syd)
• Rusty Springs
• TV Jones
More to be announced!
BOSKO 2009-06-16 13:53:21
[EDIT: Unfortunately, Seeso is no longer able to join us as co-host of Safari Oz 2010. We are all very disappointed, but we're hoping there's still a way he can come. You can read more about it here]

We met Seeso in Chicago during the 2008 Safari, and recorded this:

"Nandito Ako", sung in Tagalog

Seeso is a fabulous performer and songwriter, and we know first hand he's a human juke-box! We told him he should hire himself out as a Party Facilitator!
He's very experienced, having mc'd many an open mic night in the Windy City.
He's also a professional actor... which always helps! ;)
His videos are extremely popular on YouTube and he currently has nearly 9,000 subscribers!

Seeso is a prominent member of the wonderful online ukulele community Ukulele Underground, and his support of and involvement with other ukers and songwriters from around the world is nothing short of staggering!

Here's my favourite Seeso original:

"Brown Woman"

  Yoshimura-san does it again...
BOSKO 2009-06-03 18:36:27
From Audrey Music and Lighting Ukulele comes the latest development in the evolution of the "Ukeytar"... this time coupled with a Sony PSP and Plasma screen...

  Shigeto's CD
BOSKO 2009-06-03 17:09:22
Our friend Shigeto-san from Tokyo has finished his first CD as well, and we're lucky enough to have one of the first copies!
It's called "Roots Trip", which refers to a track-list comprising of mainly traditional songs from around the world...
1. Hiro March
2. PupuA 'O 'Ewa
3. Aloha 'Oe
4. Kohara March
5. Hamabe no Uta
6. The Peanut Vendor
7. Stars and Stripes Forever
8. Rhapsody in Blue
10.Clair de Lune
11.Ave Maria
12.Maui Chimes

Wonderfully recorded and designed, this CD really showcases Shigeto-san's mastery of traditional Hawaiian finger-style playing, and also his unique approach to music from many cultures...

You can purchase it by contacting Shigeto through his website,
7#Shigeto's CD
  Craig Brandau's CD
BOSKO 2009-06-03 16:55:12
Craig is based in California, and very kindly sent us his new CD, "Tenderly".
It's a wonderfully luscious recording of Jazz ballad standards and one original... all romantic instrumental arrangements for solo ukulele.
It's extreme easy listening, and I love it when the ukulele is played with such sensitivity, musicality and care!
You can buy it through his website,
6#Craig Brandau's CD
  Melbourne and home again! see more 8 posts
BOSKO 2009-05-29 20:42:02
We had a terrific time in Melbourne, and it was a really valuable week for lots of reasons...
I turned 30, and.... oh sorry, 40, and got to hang out with family and some of my oldest friends (and I've got some really OLD friends!).
We also discovered how easy it is to get a cheapish flight to Melbourne, and we've resolved to do it more!
We saw some incredible music at Uptown Jazz Cafe, and believe it was worth the trip just to see the Andrea Keller Quartet... inspirational!
We met with a producer who was very enthusiastic about the Ukulele Safari, and we'll be pursuing the possibility of getting it on TV in various forms...
Basically we're reinvigorated and I feel like there may be some truth in that saying: "life begins at 40"!

Click "See More" for the pictures...
Melbourne and home again!
  Melbourne, Birthday, Gig and Nam...
BOSKO 2009-05-24 15:01:03
Well, Bosko's 40.... and after a morning spent with family and friends eating yummy food and playing table-tennis, we went to our friend Sonny Rehe's Uptown Jazz Cafe for the Safari slideshow...
Arriving a few minutes late we were greeted by Nam - aka NemoAus, aka Grappler of YouTube and Ukulele Underground, respectively.
Although he couldn't stay for the show, we were able to have a good old chat, and he's a lovely guy and terrific player!
We were very touched that so many people turned up for the show, with one lady in particular having travelled a great distance to see us!
Thank you Marion!
There were also some MUK regulars, and today (Sunday) we're off the join in the fun of their weekly get together at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel in Northcote...
Rose Turtle Ertler also turned up, and we'll be going to see the final gig of her Sticks'n'Twigs tour at the Northcote Uniting Church tonight....
Busy, busy...

Here's B&H with Nam at Uptown:
Melbourne, Birthday, Gig and Nam...
  Mighty Uke Documentary Trailer
BOSKO 2009-05-19 01:59:51
The release of this trailer for Tony Coleman and Margaret Meagher's feature documentary MIGHTY UKE reminds me I should edit the interview we did with them in Tokyo...[EDIT: I've finished the video! Watch it HERE]
You can read more about our time with them in Japan HERE
The film is due for release later this year.

  Jon Prown on YouTube
BOSKO 2009-05-18 09:42:58
Our friend Jon Prown of Wisconsin has finally got a YouTube account - which is great news because now we can visit him anytime! We had such a great time on Safari with him last year... you can see the video we did together HERE

This is an original of his: "Piecelet in F"

BOSKO 2009-05-14 15:09:16
We're heading south next week, visiting family and friends, and talking to producers about the Safari project...
It's only gonna be a for a week, and we're quite excited to be hitting the Big Smoke...

We're gonna put on an afternoon SAFARI SLIDESHOW and casual performance at our friend Sonny Rehe's Jazz club...
Come along if you're in Melbourne - we'd love to see you!

TIME: Saturday May 23rd, from 3pm... performance at 4pm.
VENUE: Uptown Jazz Cafe - 177 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

...oh, and that also happens to be my birthday... hehe...
  Thoughts on editing...
BOSKO 2009-04-30 17:42:51
It's a funny thing really, how editing video works.
One of the reasons I like the process so much is that it's an extremely intuitive form of creativity... at least that's what I've found...

Much of the footage we take on Safari is unplanned... we just try to capture what we think we may need, and as we began without any experience, we're continually learning.
By trying to edit the footage we've shot, we discover what would have been better to shoot... what works and what doesn't.
As I edit more and more, not only do I discover new technical tools within the program I use (Final Cut Express), I also learn what makes better watching.

One thing I'm definitely discovering is the importance of editing OUT... that is, what I DON'T put in...
In that way it's a bit like sculpting... you start with a big block of footage, and gradually scrape away what isn't necessary.
I think the later videos in the Safari series compared with the early ones really demonstrates this learning curve.

The intuitive aspect is what really interests me though...
Often I will procrastinate before starting a particular edit... it may be a lot of footage to deal with, or I may not have a clue about how to approach it.
I've found that I just have to START: load in the footage and just begin anywhere, making decisions based on my own immediate feelings.
This is interesting because the are SO many possible approaches, and INFINITE ways to juxtapose everything.
But if I just "go for it", there will always eventually be an end result - one which I often end up feeling really could not have turned out any other way (except maybe cutting out more!)

Even when I squirm upon reviewing and think I could've done a better job, there's always an honesty there in that it's the best I could do at the time, and that this is truly subjective documentation - exposing who we are through what we're capable of (and not)... like our ukulele playing: learning as we go.
Perhaps this is the essence of the Safari?
Thoughts on editing...
  Gensblue - Safari
BOSKO 2009-04-19 23:32:44
Well, I'm editing again!
This time it's our shared song with the fabulous GENSBLUE, of Yokohama, Japan.
You may remember the video we shot for him and his amazing arrangement, All That Ukulele Xmas.

The song is called "Earthquake", and we composed it together on the spot (well, over a day...).
There was an earth tremor while we were arranging it, hence the name...


There's also a slightly more sophisticated arrangement as an MP3 HERE

Gensblue - Safari
  Uke Tips for members...
BOSKO 2009-04-08 18:22:06
I've created a new section in the main menu called "Ukulele Tips".

We wanted to start sharing some of the things we've learnt along the way... tips, tricks, technique... everything except chords and tab for specific songs (that's pretty well covered by some excellent resources already out there!)

We also wanted to offer some kind of benefit for being a "member" of this website, and to encourage new ones.

So, Ukulele Tips will be for logged-in members only.

There's some fretboard theory there now, and in future there'll be more stuff, including maybe video lessons...
Uke Tips for members...
  MAX on the Box...
BOSKO 2009-04-07 22:50:21
MAX the Ukulele Punk Rocker has been on TV in Japan again... on NHK's show "PAPHOOO", which is linked to a website where people post their video, and the most popular end up on Telly!

Max has been on before, having uploaded quite a few of his videos

The video in question is the one we shot and edited for Max, of his song "Jade".
Good on you Max!

btw - the guest producer guy has a criticism of the video concerning the close-ups... we're wondering if he's referring to bosko's camera work or the nature of Max's face... only joking, MAX! ; )

Read all about it on Max's Blog
  RIP John King
BOSKO 2009-04-05 20:12:26
Shock and sadness fills the ukulele world and beyond as we mourn the passing of ukulele legend and scholar, John King.
We met John twice in New York, in 2007 and 2008, and experienced his warmth as a person and his excellence as a musician.
We never expected not to meet him again.
If you don't know of John King's work, there is much to learn from his website, Nalu
, and his playing can be seen on his YouTube channel, although I find it almost too poignant to visit there just now.
We have yet to edit an interview we did with him in New York, in which he spoke on his use of the "campanella" technique, which produces such a beautiful bell-like sound... I'll see if I think it's still appropriate.

We are both deeply saddened by his loss, and extend our sympathies to all who knew and loved him.

Here is a tribute to John from documentary maker, Tony Coleman

with John King in 2008
RIP John King
BOSKO 2009-04-01 23:20:46
Please visit the Official Festival Website for more information and any future news!

  Ukulele Tremolo
BOSKO 2009-03-31 23:26:44
As chance would have it, today I heard from another classical ukulele player - Herman in Belgium - whom I've also written about before...
This time he sent us the first of a series of compositions he is writing for ukulele...
This one is called "Honolulu's Sunrise", and the melodic progression combined with a beautiful tremolo is simply gorgeous.... enjoy!

  Classic Banjo...
BOSKO 2009-03-31 18:09:15
I have posted before about Rob MacKillop and his Baroque Ukulele site...
This time he has created yet another site and related YouTube channel for what is called "Classic Banjo" or "Parlor Banjo"... a ragtime style with European influences...
This is all topical because of Rob's use of Aquila Nylgut strings, and his desire to have Mimmo make some pure gut strings for his instrument, which dates from 1890...

The sound is gentle, warm and plucky... which are attributes that one could possibly apply to Rob himself!

BOSKO 2009-03-30 09:53:04
Bosko and Honey's strings are made and supplied by Mimmo and Daniela of AQUILA CORDE ARMONICHE.
They are also generously supporting Ukulele Safari Australia 2010
See our visit to their factory in Caldogno, Italy...

Visit the Aquila Corde Armoniche website here
  MYSPACE take 2
BOSKO 2009-03-20 18:28:09
Well now we've got a bit more time, i thought it might be nice to start using our MySpace account which has remained practically dormant for the last year!

So i began updating it (and responding to some old friend requests) until i realised it was a personal account - not a musician's account...
Ok.... well, i decided to delete it and create a new account.

We're a bit lonely in there and it's a little scary emerging from the well-worn armchair of YouTube... Gotta get friendly i suppose! ; )
MYSPACE take 2
BOSKO 2009-03-19 14:39:01
Well I've finally FINISHED editing the European Ukulele Festival videos:
It was such a great time... and the next one's in 2010, so there's plenty of time to make plans to attend!
photo courtesy of Guido Giotta
  Max strikes again!
BOSKO 2009-03-16 19:21:24
really, this has to be MAX's best original yet!
a Lush and Epic Rock Ballad
I seriously feel he should get a recording contract... FAME is looming Max!

Max's Youtube Channel
  Festival in Milwaukee!
BOSKO 2009-03-16 19:02:33
another fest put on by some Safari chums is the MILWAUKEE UKULELE FESTIVAL in September...

NEAL PAISLEY and JON PROWN have already put on a fundraising concert, and have secured Mike DaSilva as a sponsor...
  Festival in Florida!
BOSKO 2009-03-16 18:43:38
some of our Safari friends have been busy organising ukulele festivals in their hometowns...

our friend NINA COQUINA is putting on the SUNCOAST UKULELEFEST in Nokomis, Florida in April...
and BOY, we wish we could be there!

Go for it, Nina!
  KAMATETSU - Safari Japan see more 1 posts
BOSKO 2009-03-13 05:21:19
Well, we thought we should upload a shared song - it's been a while - so here we temporarily move forward in the Safari chronology to Japan.
We met KAMATETSU for the first time at the Safari Launch in Tokyo early in March 2008..
The live footage you see in this video is from then, and were very lucky to have him there!
He's quite well known in Japan, and his ukulele instructional material - including his book JAKA-SOLO - is very popular (you'll see why from his playing!)
He's a great guy, always amiable and ALWAYS smiling...
The song "Washington Square" was recorded in Yoyogi Park in September:

Direct Link to YouTube
  ROSE on TOUR again!
BOSKO 2009-03-12 01:45:04
Looks like our friend and fellow Australian uker ROSE TURTLE ERTLER will be doing a bit of domestic travelling soon....
For almost 3 months she'll be performing and giving workshops all over Victoria!
It all starts on the 7th of March in Mildura and ends 13 towns, 15 performances and 7 workshops later on the 30th of May in Wodonga... wow!

If she's playing near you make sure you go see her (and say Howdy from B&H!)...

She's also releasing her 4th album mid year!

See ROSE'S MYSPACE for all the details!

ROSE on TOUR again!
BOSKO 2009-03-08 12:54:07
here's the Ukulele Music Video we shot on Tuesday for HIRASAKANA OYOGU

Click here to watch in High Quality
  Ukulele in Singapore...
BOSKO 2009-03-07 18:25:08
I just came across the website of UKULELE MOVEMENT, a retail and community ukulele concern run by Simon Mok and Glyn Chan in Singapore...
they seem like lovely people, and have set up the infrastructure for a full-blown ukulele scene - with a forum, shop and club...
They've even got James Hill and Anne Davison visiting for a concert and workshops in May!

It's fantastic to see more ukulele action in the Asia-Pacific region!

good on you guys!
Ukulele in Singapore...
BOSKO 2009-03-07 03:19:16
after a week of gorgeous weather the wet season returns, and rain prevented me from working today... so i played ukulele and edited while Honey brought home the bacon!
the rain is due to a tropical cyclone off the coast... as you can see Cairns is not in it's path, although we can expect plenty more rain i'm sure!
it may build to category 4 and is looking quite dangerous
not a good time to be holidaying in the Whitsunday Islands!
  young bosko see more 2 posts
BOSKO 2009-03-04 20:19:23
it seems MAX posted his youthful and muscly picture in response to pictures of a young Seiichi (aka Monkey)...

here bosko proves he was once cute:
young bosko
  MAX's muscles...
BOSKO 2009-03-04 15:12:49
our friend MAX the Ukulele Punk Rocker posted this picture of himself on his blog... he seems to have become disturbingly lean and muscular recently... (unless it's not so recent!)
MAX's muscles...
  A Ukulele Visitor... see more 2 posts
BOSKO 2009-03-04 13:57:44
Mr Odajima from Bar Hikoroku recently put us in contact with a fellow ukulele performer and traveler, HIRASAKANA OYOGU...
Hirasakana-san has traveled all over Japan with his ukulele, djembe and wooden flute - by bicycle!

his music has a unique and genuine purity - drawing upon Japanese folk traditions, "world" and contemporary styles... child-like yet rich with beauty and power...
Hirasakana-san was in Melbourne to perform at Gertrudes Brown Couch in Fitzroy at the invitation of his friends from Brother Sister Records, who recorded his CD in Kyoto in 2008...

Mr. Odajima told us Hirasakana-san was keen to visit, so we jumped at the chance to meet a fellow ukulele-adventurer, and to continue the Safari on our home turf!
We spent 2 days together before he flew out today... we used the time to play together, and shot a Ukulele Music Video for him...


it was a great opportunity to show off a bit of Kuranda, and the environment we live in - a perfect match with his music!

we've made a new friend, and we look forward to meeting Hirasakana-san here again soon!

shooting the music video - Jum Run Creek, Kuranda:
A Ukulele Visitor...
BOSKO 2009-03-01 10:09:53
True Love Don't Weep, the latest CD from James Hill and the first release as a duo with Anne Davison will be available from March 24th.
it really captures the spirit of their live performances... eclectic, virtuosic, unpretentious and fun... you get to hear James sing, and can preview tracks from the album HERE

BOSKO 2009-02-11 02:35:21
click "listen now" below to hear an instrumental we recorded with Gensblue in Japan
It's a collaborative composition we named "earthquake" because there WAS one while we were working on it...
Here's an earlier video version of it in the Safari episode featuring Gensblue.

We we a little rushed recording this, and you'll hear Honey at the end ready to move on!
listen now
  Mitsubachi Namida
BOSKO 2009-02-07 16:59:42
Mitsubachi Namida works at Bar Hikorock in Tokyo, and she'd served us many a beer/bourbon before we discovered what a wonderful songwriter and gutsy performer she is...
Her album "Kanoesaru" was produced by Mr. Odajima, owner of Hikorock and leader of "Ukulele Afternoon"
We jumped at the opportunity to do a video with her for our UkuleleMusicVideo project... and here is the result

  Ukulele Player Magazine
BOSKO 2009-02-06 17:39:03
Free to download - circulation 100,000 we believe!
We're in the 3rd issue, and you can download the latest (and print it for the authentic magazine-look) from THIS WEBSITE
It's a great ukulele resource on the net, and contains interviews, reviews, competitions, as well as club and event listings
We're chuffed to be in it!
Ukulele Player Magazine
  For The Benefit of Mr Buffett
BOSKO 2009-02-04 10:56:14
"Roger and Dave" put on a benefit concert last year of the entire Beatles catalogue performed with ukulele... they donated the proceeds to the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD.... uke playing Mr. WARREN BUFFETT!
Here is the final in their 12-part series on the subject:

thanks to Patsy for the info...
  More Classical Ukulele - Belgium
BOSKO 2009-01-29 21:05:37
I just received an email from a gentleman by the name of Herman who says he was influenced by us to buy a ukulele
He sent us this video

He has started a website devoted to his new passion, UKULELE BELGIUM, and there are some great photos of our friends from the UKULOGISCH MUSEUM
He is obviously not only a ukulele player, and you can see his other site here: GUITARRA

Thank you, Herman!