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  Gensblue - Perfomer/Safari Oz co-host
BOSKO 2009-07-24 19:19:54
We're overjoyed to announce the confirmation of our 2nd international guest for the Oz Safari 2010...

GENSBLUE of Japan!

Gens-san is an award winner from the 2007 Kiwaya Ukulele Contest in Tokyo, and recently performed at the 39th Annual Ukulele Festival in Oahu, Hawaii.
Originally a guitarist, Gensblue has spent time in Brazil exploring the bossa nova genre.
A former actor, he now makes his living producing beautiful leather bags and other finely hand-crafted accessories... using techniques derived from Native American leather-work.
He also teaches guitar and runs a community ukulele-circle in Kamakura.
Most importantly he's a great guy, and it's gonna be so much fun travelling with him and Yalego for 3 months!

Here is a music video we made for his "walking bass" arrangement: All That Ukulele Xmas"

And the original collaborative composition we did as part of the Ukulele Safari 2008: "Earthquake"...

Here's a blog archive of our first meeting in early 2008.

1#Gensblue - Perfomer/Safari Oz co-host