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  Jo Bangles - Assistant Director, Camera.
BOSKO 2009-07-31 12:25:55
We met Jo on our recent trip to Melbourne when she came to our gig at Uptown Jazz Cafe.
She's a surfer, uker, filmmaker and member of MUK.
She once documented her travels across the Americas by motorbike, and some of her work can be seen on Lonely Planet...

We got together for lunch and she liked the Safari Australia idea so much she offered to be part of the project! Since then Jo's become a real friend, and she's an invaluable support with our planning and ideas.
We're really thrilled, and her experience, enthusiasm, sportiness and good humour will make the project all the more exciting!

Jo Bangles doing her thang!
2#Jo Bangles - Assistant Director, Camera.
Photo: Steve Arklay Photography