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  MAJOR SPONSOR - Kiwaya Japan
BOSKO 2009-08-10 17:00:21

We're extremely pleased and honored to announce that KIWAYA is now a major sponsor of Ukulele Safari Australia 2010!

We have had a relationship with Kiwaya since our very first visit to Japan, and they have always been incredibly supportive of us and the Safari in general. Not only did they supply us with a beautiful KTC-3 mahogany concert ukulele for the 2008 Safari, they have facilitated many a contact, set up gigs and become our friends!

We cannot thank them enough, and now their support extends to Safari Oz (in a very generous manner!) and thanks to this, the project will become even more exciting! Kiwaya are also co-sponsoring the "Join the Safari" Video Contest!

LATEST NEWS: Kiwaya Japan's NEW website now with English pages!

Mr. Yasuda of Kiwaya and Bosko seal a deal...
2#MAJOR SPONSOR - Kiwaya Japan
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