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More special guests who'll be joining us for segments of the Safari!

  Rose Turtle Ertler

Rose is a fellow Australian ukulele adventurer, singer-songwriter and puveyor of “wonky folk”...

We have to thank Rose for the whole Safari idea, because it was her visiting us in Kuranda in 2007 and the making of the following video that gave us the idea in the first place!

Although Rose may be in her own vehicle (not technically hitch-hiking!) she's gonna join the Safari to Tasmania, and there's talk that she may even come to our launch in Cairns next week!

Make sure you check out her new book "WHAT DO UKULELE PLAYERS EAT?"... it's yummy!

Rose on MySpace
  Uni and her Ukelele

Uni and her Ukelele
Uni, the neo-vintage pop chanteuse/raconteur gathered up kickpants, a rockhawk and magical ruby slippers for the first time in 2004 and her 20’s punk movement has been gathering strength ever since.

On the world tour beat and in the recording studio she competes for the limelight with her prima Donna ukelele ‘Sally Luka’. Originally a singer/songwriter for over a decade, when she met the bawdy Uke she swallowed her pride and joined up for the raucous phenom that became known as Uni & her Ukelele, and having second billing has only made Sally more indignant. Having opened for the likes of James Brown, Huey Lewis, Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson, Ray Charles, The Four Tops, Tower of Power, Coco Taylor, Sean Hayes and Jollie Holland to name a few, Sally has had a taste of fame and Uni is now forced to take her to the top.

Uni’s lo-fi folk-pop, first album “My Favorite Letter is U” dropped in 2006 and the response was overwhelming. Her original and sincere take on the Ukelele coupled with her sweetly stirring and sometimes-haunting refrains unite to conjure the spectrum of catharsis.

Her recent EP “I’m On My Way” introduced her rock-ability with hits like the title track and “Twinkle Twinkle”. This new sound gathered more love from the fans and now the word is spreading magical wildfire.

Always keeping it fresh, Uni has recently gathered together a group of, super-powered, classical musicians to accompany her, and has formed “Uni & the Ding! String Trio” who’s EP “As Gold” will be unveiled this spring in all its phantasmagorical brilliance.

This performer’s, pan-demographic appeal is most likely a product of her impeccable synthesis of fantasy and reality, and her ability to juxtapose seemingly incongruous moods and aesthetics. Pundits are often her heard to muse: “That chick f*$kn’ rawks!”

Visit her MySpace and YouTube Channel for more!

4#Uni and her Ukelele
Uni & the Ding! String Trio - AS Gold - on CDBaby
  Meredith Axelrod

Meredith Axelrod has been performing in the Bay Area and at music festivals around the country for several years now, interpreting songs from America's great age of popular music, the 1890's-1920's, most of which she learned from old recordings of the performers of the day, thus her vocal stylings are most unlike anything you hear modern people doing today. She has sung and played guitar and jug with Maria Muldaur and Dan Hicks of Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks.

5#Meredith Axelrod
  Mr Jaynickel!
AKA Yannick Van Loo, Mr. Jaynickel is the winner of Bosko & Honey's Join-the-Safari Video Contest, and will join us at the MELBOURNE UKULELE FESTIVAL, and on SAFARI TO TASMANIA!

He writes of himself...

"Although I consider myself a singer songwriter rather then a ukulele player, I have acquired quiet some technique on this little bugger. Singing and writing songs is my business, french and english are the languages I use. I play ukulele and sing in three bands. The majority off these songs I write, both 'serious and sad' or 'sarcastic and funny' go to one off these bands. I started playing uke about four years ago, after a while I started using it as songwriting tool for my band 'Les Mecs du Nord' My main instruments are guitar, piano and ukulele. At this time the uke has become my main songwriting instrument tough. I started out on soprano in D and went gradually to tenor in baritone re-entrant. The low tuning makes it accommodate my vocals and is fun to play along with a soprano, Ukulelezaza most of the times. The re-entrant tuning makes it keep the ukulele character. Happy Strumin'"

5#Mr Jaynickel!
Les Mecs du Nord Website
  Jim D'Ville

Jim is a performer and educator from Oregon, USA... He'll be in the country for the Melbourne Ukulele Festival... and we're happy he's able to join us on Safari!

Visit Jim's Blog and YouTube Channel.

Here's a TV spot from 2006 featuring Jim :

Jim D'Ville