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  Yalego - Performer/Safari Oz co-host
BOSKO 2009-08-22 21:13:08
We are very, very lucky indeed that "Ukulele Troubadour" Yan Yalego of France has enthusiastically agreed to come on board as a Ukulele Safari Australia special guest.
Known and admired for his deep crooning, effortless playing and astounding mouth trumpet, Yan is perfect for the job.
He is a festival veteran both internationally and within France, and his warm yet cool and laid-back style makes for an excellent Safari companion!

Check out his website, MySpace page, YouTube Channel and his ukulele record label, Ukulele Division.

We're also pleased to announce that Yalego's participation in the Safari has been generously subsidised by Ohana Ukuleles.

Here's the shared song we did with Yalego as part of Ukulele Safari 2008, in the South of France - "Mon Amant de Saint Jean":

Here he is Live in Milan with the incredible Max De Bernardi playing a ukulele classic with a-feelin' (check out the "trumpet" solo!):

Here's Yalego at home with the Safari on his mind:

Yalego is sponsored on Safari by Ohana Ukuleles.ohana_logo_2

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