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Don't be fooled by Bosko and Honey's cute and quirky appearance because they are one of the most original and entertaining ukulele acts around today. A husband-and-wife duo who reside in the tropical rainforest of Kuranda in Australia's Far North Queensland, Bosko & Honey joined the global ukulele explosion back in 2005 when Bosko decided to give Honey a ukulele for her birthday…
Charming and disarming, their "Ukulele Love-In" show is a truly unique experience. With undertones of cabaret, it is an intimate yet wildly entertaining experience - an engaging blend of musicianship, humour and the (very) unexpected!

Bosko & Honey first came to the attention of wider audiences in 2008 with their grass roots "Ukulele Safari" video project, which took them around the world visiting ukulele players in the USA, Europe and Japan. For a period of 11 months they travelled, jammed, interviewed and performed… documenting and sharing their experiences on YouTube as they went, all for the vicarious pleasure of others. Along the way they performed at numerous ukulele festivals and events... in New York, North Carolina, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wisconsin, Tokyo, Helsinki, Vicenza (Italy), Gross-Umstadt (Germany), Aix-en-Provence (France) and Hollesley in the UK - to name a few. Their appearance in the acclaimed Canadian documentary "Mighty Uke" was filmed during this period and Bosko & Honey and their Ukulele Safari are also featured in the DVD extras.

Back in Australia Bosko & Honey got busy writing songs, developing their show, recording, performing and touring. For 3 months in 2010 they set off again on "Ukulele Safari Oz", a 10,500km road-trip by motor-home around the country. This time they flew 3 overseas performers to Australia to join them (and hooked up with 3 more along the way for a regular ukulele circus-on-wheels), a happening that really helped inject new spark into the Australian ukulele scene. In 2011 they released their highly-regarded CD of original songs, "Pretty Please", which showcases the natural acoustic sound of their ukuleles, with superb arrangements, vocals and an astonishing selection of genres including bossanova, country, punk and even heavy metal.

Having toured the east-coast of Australia three times since 2010, Bosko & Honey are now a festival favourite in Australia, having played every Melbourne Ukulele Festival (2010-2014), the Cairns Ukulele Festival (2011/2012), The Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival (2012/2014), the Canberra Ukulele Festival of Fun (2011), the Brisbane Big Uke Jam (2011), the Newcastle Newkulele Festival (2012/2014) as well as mainstream events including Festival Cairns (2011/2012), Kuranda Roots Festival (2012/2014), Milton Escape Arts Fest (2011), OnEdge Arts Festival (2011/2012), The Sit-Down Comedy Club (2012) and even a Motorcycle Show (Kuranda, 2012).
In 2013 they did an 8-gig tour of New Zealand's North Island with The Nukes.
2014 is shaping up to be a busy year with a new full-length album in the works and plenty of festivals coming up... including their first trip to the NT for the 2nd Mandorah Ukulele & Folk Festival!

Bosko and Honey both have day jobs and consider the ukulele a real blessing, it giving them the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people and providing them with a great excuse to travel. They like to put their feet up as much as possible and really enjoy hosting house concerts at their home in Kuranda.

Come and "Feel the Love" with "Bosko & Honey's Ukulele Love-In"…

photo: Alastair Murray
Photo: Alastair Murray

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