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About B&H...

Bosko's real name is Daniel Siddhartha, and he was born in Melbourne, Australia of Indonesian and European-Australian parentage in 1969.
He was always musical, and took violin lessons from the age of 7.
He also used to experiment with the family reel-to-reel player and discovered the joys of multi-tracking very early in life, sometimes using bongos and an old ukulele that used to be around the house.
He learned how to play "Little Brown Jug" amongst other 3 chord songs, and would have continued to play had he not smashed the ukulele against a window-sill during a childhood tantrum. Such rock'n'roll antics don't pay off at 6 years old, and there was no way to replace what was probably a very good instrument (groan...).

Fast forward 30 years, and ironically the ukulele reappeared in his life.
He had been married to Yuki Toda (the future Honey) for a year, and was getting back into the violin after a very long hiatus.
The couple wanted to play music together, and after seeing an episode of an old Looney Tunes cartoon called "Bosko", in which Bosko gives his girlfriend Honey a ukulele for her birthday ("Bosko's Party" 1932), he was inspired and decided to do the same for Yuki.
Yuki had never really played an instrument before (though she had been a DJ in Tokyo), so Daniel learned some chords to teach her. Although they successfully got a small repertoire of songs going together (with Daniel playing violin), it wasn't long before Yuki's ukulele started spending way too much time in Daniel's hands! The solution of course was to buy a second ukulele, and... Bosko & Honey's Ukulele Love-In was born.

Bosko's day job involves sitting on street corners trying to convince people they need their caricature drawn.
Honey's real name is Yukie Toda (or Yuki, as she's often called), and she was born in Chiba, Japan in 1976.
Naturally playful, Yuki was turned off learning an instrument early in life when her elementary school teacher told her she had no talent. Despite this she was able to learn how to read music and use Solfège.

She was a rebellious teenager, and a love of Heavy Metal music turned her on to the Blues. From there her musical taste diversified. She became a club DJ, going by the name of DJyk, and would spin anything from Drum'n'bass to Disco dance classics.

After finding herself married to Daniel (Bosko-to-be) in 2004, she decided it was time to learn how to participate in the act of music making. Their home in Kuranda in the Queensland rain-forest is teeming with musicians, and one is encouraged to join in the many jam sessions that seem to take place continuously.

When Daniel gave her a ukulele for her 28th birthday little did she know that in a matter of a few years she would travel the world, be called "Honey" by everyone, and play in front of many an appreciative audience!
Could it be her teacher was more than slightly misguided?

Honey's other gig is working at a shop in one of the local Kuranda markets.