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  MAJOR SPONSOR - Ohana Ukuleles

We're extremely pleased that Ohana Ukuleles have just become the latest Major Sponsor of Ukulele Safari Oz 2010.

They will be providing substantial support for the Safari... in particular they have agreed to sponsor YALEGO and a large proportion of the costs of his participation.

Here's Yalego playing an appropriate Robert Johnson song on his Ohana soprano (we think he's looking forward to the Safari!):

Ohana are also kindly donating some lovely instruments for the upcoming Safari Auction fundraiser...
We couldn't be happier! Thank you Ohana!

Ohana Ukuleles have the deserved reputation for providing high quality instruments and making them available at a reasonable prices. There is also an incredible range of models and styles.

Ken Middleton (a music teacher and well loved ukulele YouTuber) is their knowledgeable European "ambassador" and a delight to deal with. He's a real gentleman to boot!

We'll have some special models with us on Safari for folks to try, and they'll be looking for good homes too ;)
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