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BOSKO 2010-04-15 20:19:43
Episode 1 - Bosko & Mark pick up the Safari Wheels, Honey approves and Yan arrives from France...
Episode 2 - B&H play a mean trick on Gensblue, launch Safari Oz @ Salt House in Cairns, pack the van and hit the road at last!
Episode 3 - A House Concert in Townsville, Lingo Lessons for Gensblue and a 1,300km Drive (mostly in the rain) to the Sunshine Coast...
Episode 4 - An interview with Trevor Dand of the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters and a special Safari Oz SCUM meet...
Episode 5 - To Brisbane via the BIG PINEAPPLE, the Ukulele Safari CDs arrive, an interview for ABC Radio, Sammy Lovejoy and a show hosted by the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society (BUMS)...
Episode 6 - Honey makes Japanese Curry, The Safari Oz crew stay at Angus and Lisa's pad, An interview and song with Michelle aka fourteentwelve, The Safari Wheels get replaced, A Skype chat with Gaetano in Japan and a flying visit to the Backwards Ukulele Player aka reyalpEleuku for Lamingtons and to hear about his ukulele book...
Episode 7 - The Safari Crew pull off the highway on the way to Byron Bay for a break and stumble upon Malcolm and friends at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Pimpama on the Gold Coast... the Ultimate Bloke's Shed!

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