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  Jim D'Ville in Kuranda
BOSKO 2011-01-12 23:38:31

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It's been a couple of days since our old Safari Oz mateJim D'Ville has departed with his lovely wife Linda after a 9-day jaunt at Bosko & Honey's Pad...

No tears were shed at the airport 'cos we're gonna be seeing them both again in Melbourne in late February for the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, otherwise known as MUF2.

Jim & Linda were almost literally thrown in the deep end on their first visit to the tropics, but they kept their humour refreshingly dry.
Lots of good food and wine in a house scrubbed clean by Bosko & Honey was the order of most days, as well as sightseeing... They took in Mossman Gorge, Port Douglas, Barron Falls, Wrights Lookout and more... but it was the many hours of joking, jamming and shared insight that really made the week!

Barron Falls

Mossman Gorge
Australia 9 015

Cafe Kuranda

Then it was time for the Ukulele Workshop and House Concert, and Honey and Linda spent many hours cooking while Bosko cleaned (and Jim swabbed the dunny)... and wow, what a turnout!
About 30 people showed up - a full house... maybe half from Cairns way and the other half from around Kuranda or the tablelands...
There was even a gentleman from Melbourne who had read about Jim's tour online and saw that he could attend the Kuranda workshop during his holidays here!

The Venue

Full House

Fifth Finder!

Thanks to all the lovely people who came it was a fabulous evening, and Jim's workshop rocked (as usual)...