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  MUF Showcase Tour cont...
BOSKO 2011-02-25 14:44:46
Well we had a WONDERFUL time in Canberra... the Merry Muse gig was unreal... great audience and we were more relaxed performing than we've ever been... really fun! Guy the sound guy was great and all to all the URoC crew who worked so hard to help make the event work: Thank You!
Special thanks to our friend Jason Lee who took the hungry half of the crew back to his pad for food, beers and jamming... Bosko cooked an improvised Paella and Jontom ate a vegetarian kiddie meal of french fries...
What a night!

Dina Diva opens the Canberra Show
Merry Muse gig in Canberra

Uni wows the crowd
Merry Muse gig in Canberra

Jamming at Jay's
at Jay's pad in Canberra

The next day it was off to Brisbane by plane.... as soon as we arrived B&H went to the public broadcaster 4ZZZ to be interviewed by Rick on his World Beat show... then it was straight to the Brisbane Arts Theatre (what a great venue - with a green room, dressing room and a very cool and professional crew) for sound check, a shower and on with the show!
It was great to see some of our old BUMS friends and others there too :)

Canberra YHA
YHA Canberra

JT pre-coffee
Jontom pre-coffee

At the airport
Canberra airport baggage

Plane to Brisbane
Flying to Brisbane...

Outside 4ZZZ
outside 4ZZZ Brisbane

Rick from 4ZZZ
with Rick from 4ZZZ

Brisbane Arts Theatre show
B&H in Brisbane

Grand finale
Uni's Ukulele All-Stars!

Terry, Bosko, JT
Rock'n'rollers... Terry, Bosko, Jontom

Then it was back to Melbourne where the Showcase crew split up and went to their various host's houses…
Jontom (our newly adopted son) came with B&H to stay at Bosko's mum's place: "Mumbo's, the preferred accommodations for the discerning ukulele player on tour"

More soon....