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  CAGFD - A brief explanation and WORKSHOP information
BOSKO 2011-03-29 12:34:53

Online video versions of this one-hour workshop and our "Hot Strumming" Workshop are now available as a Reward for pledging to the crowdfunding campaign for our new album, "The Universe Will Provide".
Visit for all the details!

Here's a Video of Bosko talking about the CAGFD System for Ukulele, from Jim D'Ville's fantastic interview series "3 Questions", where he asks ukers, famous or not, about their approach to the uke...


Bosko & Honey offer a 50 minute workshop on the CAGFD System. Here is a description of the workshop:

The C-A-G-F-D System for Ukulele (Intermediate)

Bosko will take you through this very useful and logical system for understanding the ukulele fretboard.

Discover how knowledge of 15 basic chord shapes will enable you to work out every Major, Minor and Dominant 7 chord in existence.

You will then be able to play each of these chords in 5 different positions along the ukulele neck!
That's a bargain 180 chord positions for the price of 15!

All without recourse to a chord book....

CAGFD Workshop
Please email us with any workshop queries