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BOSKO 2011-08-27 19:35:10
Bosko & Honey's New Album, THE UNIVERSE WILL PROVIDE will be released very soon!

Watch the video and hear an excerpt of the title track:


Our CD "PRETTY PLEASE" is available now!

AUD$16 plus postage

Also available as digital download...
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It consists of 8 original songs including 2 instrumentals.
This is the first time we've recorded any of these songs and we think it's the best we've ever done.

Graphic design is by Luca Tomassini (aka JONTOM) from Rome and it was recorded at Pegasus Studios by the legendary Nigel Pegrum.

The tracklist is:

1. Odyssey 6:02 Preview
2. Honeymoon 3:19 Preview
3. Rain in the Summertime 3:06 Preview
4. Pretty Please 4:15 Preview
5. Boskonova 4:03 Preview
6. Ukulele Love-In 2:59 Preview
7. Sunbird 4:46 Preview
8. Tuck Me In 2:54 Preview

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The reviews are coming in already :)

"What a masterpiece!"

- Lorenzo Vignando (Ukulollo), Italy.

"Great CD!"

- Chisato Tsuwano, Rolling Coconuts Magazine, Japan

"Frankly, it's original, it's fresh... the ukulele needs this kind of artist..."

- the K, France.


- Victoria Vox, USA

"WOW is all I can say! Not very often do you get a CD which captures the essence of live performance and the nuances of touch, style and musicality! Yours does all that and more!! Have to is the first ukulele CD I have wanted to hear over and over again!! You have truly motivated me to go and play more. Seriously a crackin' album!"

- Joanne Cocking, Peninsula Music Services, Australia

"Why I like [Bosko & Honey's] new CD:
... respect [to] the natural sound of the uke...
... each note is well played and has its own subtle vibrato if needed, musically correct...
... balanced song parts & instrumental parts...
... Ukulele itself stays the main subject...
... balance between strumming parts and plucking parts & and the plucking parts are very, very nice...
... There is something for everybody, inventive & original..."

- Herman Vandecauter, Belgium.

***** (5 stars)

"Damn it! You killed my heart!
Really great album...
Odyssey... wow! What a cool chord progression.
Tuck Me In... Please tuck me in! I can't stop laughing! Kill meeeee!!
Ukulele Love-In... [Bosko] is a genius or dickhead... hahaha!
Of course all songs are really great!!
[Bosko & Honey's Pretty Please] and Daisy [Dobuyuki's] new [CD] these two are the best in the world now...
Congratulations, great CD!!"

- GENSBLUE, Japan.

***** (5 stars)

"... freakin' awesome... nice mix of styles, not a bunch of 'oh look at us we play the uke... ' just cool tunes.. good stuff"


***** (5 stars)

"... blown away by the CD titled "Pretty Please" by Bosko & Honey.
Highly recommended!"

- Terry Sasaki, Australia

Recording at Pegasus Studios:
Recording Session, Pegasus Studios, Cairns, AustraliaRecording Session, Pegasus Studios, Cairns, AustraliaRecording Session, Pegasus Studios, Cairns, AustraliaRecording Session, Pegasus Studios, Cairns, Australia